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X-terrain Sport Utility Trailers & Campers



SouthEast Queensland manufacturer BackTrax have a relatively new camper & sport utility trailer on the market which because of there light weight can be towed by just about any vehicle.

BackTrax are a fibreglass hardtop camper/trailer, with the fibreglass top becoming part of your roof when setup as a camper. This makes the setup much more rigid and strong with better weather protection.

BackTrax bodies are constructed of vacuum infusion moulded fibreglass providing high strength and light weight (from approx 350kg bare) with Off-Road & Highway models available. Fibreglass does not corrode or rust and the trailers fittings are either alloy or stainless steel.

 The X-terrain Offroad is designed be towed by 4x4ís & Suvís requiring high ground clearance for offroad applications.

The X-terrain Highway is designed to be towed by cars or low Suvís.

Construction for both models remains the same with Alko offroad rated heavy duty independent torsion bar suspension used, with the highway model sitting lower on lowered suspension using reduced diameter tyres.

The campers are very compact with overall length being 3 metres but still opening out with a queen size bed and large awning areas.

Many options are available, with stainless steel slide out kitchen, 70 litre water tank, jerry & gas bottle holders, 2 different sized awnings, 12 volt system with charger, kids bedroom, to name a few.

There are many options available for the rack system which is Rhino Rack, so just about all Rhino options fit, with the Rhino alloy tray being very popular.

BackTrax setup differently to most campers. The awning goes up first, supported by the fibreglass hardtop with the tent pulling out underneath the awning providing a double tropical roof over the tent. The advantage of this is that if its raining or even hot weather, you can pack the tent & everything away first whilst the awning remains up giving you shelter. You then pull down the awning last for a quick escape. This system also helps keep the main tent dryer & cooler in summer & warmer in winter.  It also reduces condensation build-up in cold weather.

BackTrax campers start from approx $14,500.00 for the base camper, moving up to approx $19,800 for the deluxe camper with the lot. Bare trailers are also available for those wishing to just have a good looking luggage / cargo carrier, which by the way can still be fitted with the awning as a stand alone.

For more info contact BackTrax or see their website Ė www.backtrax.com.au










photos & info by Mark Bryant

article by Rob


November 2007