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Campa-Tracka solar panel tracker


Campa-Tracka is a portable stand for your solar panel which follows the sun during the day allowing maximum battery charging. This is achieved with the use of a LED solar sensor driving a 12volt actuator. The Campa-Tracka is completely made inhouse by Dave Harvey at Cowra NSW.

More on how the system works can be found at http://www.campatracka.com/whatisit.html 

There are two models to choose from

V3 CAMPA-TRACKA is designed for a large single or dual panels up to 1350mm max width and around 20kg weight.

V3 CAMPA-TRACKA EXPLORER PACK is the V3 &  includes a heavy canvas bag made by Dave, tie down ropes & pegs for windy conditions, a spare set of basic solar sensors, as well as the programmed sensors in their own canvas bag. The Explorer also has heavier bushes where needed, longer leg extensions while they are available, a 2nd hand 5 or 7ah SLA battery, plus a few other smaller additions here and there.

All Campa-tracka's come with a 6 months back to base warranty agreement for repair or replacement at Dave's discretion. The buyer is asked to cover the postage costs back to Dave for repair, then he will pay the return postage to the buyer. So far Dave has not had one item returned for any reason.

The only condition is all buyers must read and agree to Dave's terms and conditions on the website,  and state in their e-mail or to Dave over the phone they have done so when ordering.

Payment is by personal cheque or bank cheque or preferably by direct bank deposit. No trackers will be posted until funds have been cleared into our account.

All solar trackers come ready to use, you only need to add your own solar panels. All instructions are one the web site. Dave's phone number will be given for back up should any one have difficulties setting them up.

What you get

  • tracker assembly

  • programmed LED driven solar sensors

  • 12 volt 12mm per second 18" actuator

  • enough bolts and washers with wing nuts for securing two panels to the tracker arms

V3 Explorer is the only one with the bag, ropes etc, but these can be purchased separately. The 8oz canvas bag is $40 each or $50.00 for extra heavy 12oz or 16 oz canvas. The ropes pegs springs etc is another $20.00

 More information can be found in the Campa-tracka website at www.campatracka.com

info by Rob


may 2008