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Hitchmaster DO25

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    Vehicle Components are not known to sit on the sideline watching the competition develop new trailer components. They are at present trialling a new off road coupling which makes the whole hitching process hassle free, even more so than their present Hitchmaster AT35 coupling. It is that easy it is like hooking up a ball coupling. The new coupling is named the Hitchmaster DO25 (drop on), rated at 2.5 tonne & has a double locking mechanism.

    What makes the Hitchmaster DO25 so easy to connect is in the design of the two diameter pin & boss arrangement. Unlike other off road couplings with a pin that needs to be inserted into a hole of the same size, the smaller diameter top section of the  DO25 pin fits easily into the larger diameter bottom hole in the boss of the coupling. As the pin enters the hole it marries with the similar dimensions of the boss. The chamfered area between the two diameters makes the pin slide through the hole in the coupling at whatever angle the hitch may be. The blue poly stopper positions the bosses hole upright.

    Pull the T bar up & rotate until the locking plate moves in under the pins head. Simply letting go will let the location pin on the locking plate drop into its hole & at the same time the spring lock fixes the locking plate also.

    To unhitch pull the spring lock out, pull the T bar up & rotate. A picture says a 1000 words & so does the Hitchmaster DO25 video.   

    The Hitchmaster DO25 will be going into production soon & as well as a rumoured DO35 version rated at 3.5 tonne.

    Thanks to Ian Simpson of Exodus Campers for bringing the Hitchmaster DO25 to my attention & allowing me to photograph it.

the DO25 is no longer in production



DO25 locked DO25 open


from underneath pin entering from under


pin coming through from top pin coming through from top


locked unlocked


locked unlocked



Hitchmaster DO35

    Vehicle Components have now released the Hitchmaster DO35, a bigger version of the DO25 which was released earlier this year. The DO35 is rated at 3.5 tonne & has  the same safety features as the DO25 with two separate locking mechanisms. The machined conical coupling connection makes hitching up much easier in awkward locations than other off road couplings that need a pin to be inserted. There is a small poly block for shock absorption between the trailer & tow vehicle.

    Thanks to Alan Grant for the photos of the Hitchmaster DO35.



DO25 locked DO25 open



Hitchmaster DO35v2

Vehicle Components  Hitchmaster DO35 V2 is the newest addition to the ever popular Hitchmaster range is rated for a maximum load capacity of 3.5 tonnes and complies with the Australian Design Rules 62/01 and 62/02. The Hitchmaster DO35 V2 also has a polyurethane bush on the pin, a double locking mechanism and a sleek safety cap which doubles as a visual aid to ensure the locks are engaged. The best things about the coupling are; that it is simply easy to connect even on uneven ground; has full 360 degree rotation and 70 degree articulation and it is not limited to off road usage. It is suited to all camper trailers and caravans for off and on road usage.

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february 2009

updated july 2009

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