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Rest Campers
Caravans, Trailers, Campers, Traveller Vans
Design by Bob Sproston

Bob Sproston is a real thinker & has designed a number of variations for caravans & campers based on the one chassis & mould. From his research he has looked outside the square as to what the buyer wants, what is needed, what can be done, what is missing and what changes can be done. 

research indications


What a man wants in an adventurous break away vacation

Easy no stress to rest,  easy to tow,  strong, solid chassis, easy to park, go anywhere, setup easy to assemble, easy to get to storage, security storage, handle any weather  conditions.


What does a woman want?

The comforts of home, place to change with out climbing a ladder to get into bed, privacy and not being closed in, a convenience area so not to go out side. To be able to make the bed with our climbing over the bed. 


What the manufacturers want

That it should be easy to make, easy to transport and to give the customer variety with out straying from quality and reliability.


one mould, one chassis


The versatility in Bob's design is the many combinations of camper & caravan which can be made from the one mould on the same chassis, a real bonus for the  camper trailer manufacturer looking at saving money & then passing on the saving to the customer.




    If you are interested in Bob's design you can contact him via his website at  http://restcampers.com

info by Rob



february 2009