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DIY 12 volt trailer wiring






the 12 volt


The first step in this 2 day project was to solder a Anderson Plug to one end of the 6B&S cable and then run the wiring through protective split conduit, up through the draw bar to the floor of the trailer adjacent to the battery.





The wiring came up through the floor and was connected, through a 60 amp maxi fuse, (since upgraded to 100 amp) to the 120AH AGM Battery.


Note that both positive and negative wires ran the full length, from the Anderson Plug to the camper battery. Same as the vehicle . . . full length from starter battery (through REDARK battery isolator) to rear Anderson plug. A guide to cable size can be found at The 120AH Alco AGM Battery was too high to fit in the large battery box. The lid wouldn't fit on. Only the lid with the fittings could be used.



From there we ran 6B&S wiring, through a maxi fuse, across the top bar at the back of the swing out kitchen (shown just above CTEK charger), to the other side as shown in the photo below.





From there, the 6B&S went out through the trailer side to a rear mounted Anderson Plug, accessible from inside the annexe to power the Waeco when not at a powered site.



With the exception of mounting and connecting the CTEK Smart Charger, that took care of the 12v side of things. The CTEK plugs into the internal double power point when necessary.




Next, the 240 volt


 All 240 volt work was performed by a qualified electrician.

    A 240v power inlet was mounted through the trailer wall . . .





    . . . and the mandatory RCD (Residual Current Device) was fitted to the back of it.





    The 240 wiring was then run, through conduit, around the top inside perimeter of the trailer, to the off side . . .




     . . . connecting to a double power point. The wiring was then run down and through to the outside . . .








This project was made possible from all I have learnt through the generous contributions of fellow members of the Australian CamperTrailers Group. Thank you!

All 240 volt work was performed by a qualified electrician friend of mine. He supplied all components and fittings etc and charged $240 all up. Amazing! (I thought $240 for 240v was fitting!!)

I took care of all the 12 volt stuff. The ALCO 120 Amp/Hour AGM Battery was $348, the 6B&S wire cost $50 and the Anderson Plug came in at $8. In addition, the large pre-wired battery box from Battery World was $80, (since found BCF Boating, Camping Fishing outlets have them for around $60) split conduit from Supercheap Auto was around $12 from memory. I already had the CTEK 7000 and a 600watt inverter (not fitted as yet).

So for around $740 I got a great 12volt AND 240volt set-up! The camper trailer manufacturer wanted an additional $900 to wire the trailer for 12volt only, which included a smaller battery, thinner wiring and a couple of cigarette plug outlets!

As a result we have the best of both worlds. 240volt for most of our stays, (we are on-roaders) but 12volt to fall back on when needed.

thanks to David Price for sharing this project with us


July 07