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12volt fluro batten





a 240volt fluro
to 12volt


Someone mentioned to me that a 240volt fluro converted to be used for 12volt use made a good camp light. I thought that was a great idea & now run two of these in camp. I havenít seen anything brighter on our trips. The fluro gives more overall light then a LED & uses 1.3 amps.

I found the conversion simple to make. When dismantling the fluro, take a note of how its wired. There will be two pairs of wires, one for either end of the fluro holder. Cut the wires at the 240volt circuit board and throw that board away. Make sure the fluro is not plugged into 240volt.

The power source comes from the cigarette plug through to the new fluro inverter circuit board. This must have the polarity correctly connected & has positive and negative marked on it. Then connect the wires that go to the fluro holders, keeping the pairs together as seen in the pictures. All connections should be soldered and insulated.


parts cost
one foot weatherproof fluro batten with 18watt tube $50
4 metre length twin core wire from Supercheap Auto $10
inline switch from Ebay $2
cigarette plug with LED indicator and built in 2amp fuse from eBay 2 for $8
Fluro inverter from Sundriven Brisbane, 12volt 20watt $40


wiring route fluro inverter

thanks to Mark for sharing this idea


november 2012