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Andrew Drynan weekend

andrew drynan weekend
23rd and 24th october 2013

Organisation of this weekend was done while we were returning home from the Australian CamperTrailers Group national meet at Batlow via the long way round touring some of Vic and NSW. Who said organising a group meet weekend is hard? Andrew Dryman was picked as the group had not been there for some time and we did not have to do much except use the Camps Australia Wide 7 book to look up the phone number, contact the caretaker, book in and find out the costs, send an email off to Rob who had the meet up and running within a day if not hours from my email.

We arrived not long lunch after a short journey from Lake Maroon where we had a few days trying out our kayaks and fresh water fishing skills which need a lot more practice. We set up near a shelter shed so we could use it on the weekend for morning tea as we had small numbers for the weekend. Members for the weekend were, ourselves, Rick and Carol, Neil who at the last minute was able to change his plans and come, Greg and Lisa and members who had never been to Andrew Drynan before, Ian and D'sley and also Paul who both arrived at the same time with Ian saying he followed Paul out from Beaudesert because a camper trailer would know the way.

With all arriving before dark it was happy hour around the table moving onto the fire as night was falling. The forecast of storms didn't eventuate with stormy clouds going south of us so people drifted off to cook tea and then return back to the fire for an enjoyable night.

A little light rain fell during the night which a number of people just slept through it. Morning tea was spent with a couple of day visitors, Bill & Jenny and John & Penny who had their Trackabout all packed ready to come but with the forecasts of storms was a little nervous after getting hail damage on his way home from his big trip especially with the car already booked in for the damage caused. Morning tea continued into lunch and after with discussions on such things as walking sticks. This came about with me discussing walks we did down south and that I went and brought a cheap one. I now know I will have to do more research on them after seeing the ones that came out of Neil's and Rick & Carols camp. They had shock absorber springs in their ones and it was suggested I also needed two from all the experts. I also suggested people get fly nets and leave in camper for when flys are bad when travelling as the number of people who commented on me wearing one on our trip saying what a good idea as they continually swatted the flies from their faces. I just had to remember I had it on when eating or having a drink. Many tears of laughter was had around the table when I read out aloud Matt's emails he sent while on his way back to Lenora with Wendy and his camper.

The fire time was cut short as we had a small storm go through, not much rain but sent people off to their camps to get out of the rain and prepare dinner. The fire kept going as it was stoked up and slightly covered with a big piece of timber for some of the stayers to continue to sit at the fire later.

Sunday cleared up to a nice day after the morning with the hills covered in clouds. I really love all the views on the mountains that Mother Nature dishes out to us. Most people were packed up and left by lunch time leaving Neil and ourselves to enjoy afternoon and night. Probably the best of the whole weekend weather wise.

We invited some new arrivals to sit with us at the fire that night. They were at Border Ranges Sheep Station campsite the previous night where they copped lots of lightening, huge claps of thunder and very heavy rain. As Greg said to me the previous afternoon, we dodged a bullet with the storms on the weekend as he had hail within a kilometre of arriving at his home after leaving Andrew Drynan. Further conservation with our invited people around the fire was that they belonged to a Sunshine Coast 4WD club and during the conversation we realised it was the one Noel and Cathi (long time members of the group) belong to. We gave them some of the funny stories from previous camping times regarding Noel to tell at their 4WD Christmas break up the following weekend. Just goes to prove all like minded people travel in small circles.

Thanks for the weekend and look forward to lots more weekends in 2014.


Robyn and Lindsay