Past Events

Andrew Drynan Park weekend meet



Andrew Drynan Park
near RathdowneySE Queensland  

held on the weekend of Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th November 2006


Is it really a year since the hills around Andrew Drynan, echoed with the many sounds of a satisfied camper trailer owner? I suppose it is …… time flys, time never travels so quickly though as when a group of like minded individuals meet to exchange views, ideas and above all the latest bargains “Hey Pete did I show you the light I got from  Supa Cheap Auto – only $30.00 and you can charge it from 240v or 12v”……. or the one from Bunnings with a “maget” still $30.00 or even the $4.00 flashlight from… now where was that again John??

Now to the serious stuff  … In attendance at the Meet were 12 campers

  • Alan & Kathy in their hard floor, hard side, hard top camper

  • Kate, Paul, Brandon Minky & Bella in their crossbred, backbred, modified, and very handy Camper

  • Helen, Peter & Benji in their Challenge (Just like Peter) Camper with Panadol

  • Ric & Carol in their, used at least twice for Meets, Trek Camper

  • Noel & Cathi in their 30 second put up no wheels to run away packing neatly on top of the 4wd Camper tent

  • Lindsay & Robyn in their cakeless Trackabout

  • Troy, Janine, Haley & Rachel in their customs built very serious offroad camper

  • Rob Norris Batching it in his minimalistic Campomatic

  • John & Penny in their Fly proof 10 sec setup Trackabout

  • Keith Adams (Sorry I missed you)  in his Coromal …. Pop up You know What..

  • Stephen & James in their father and son Trakshak

  • Gus, Jill, Erin, Clancy, Jayden & Bree in their “modified & improved by Gus” Austral

  • Keith & Jenny, with their ”fush & chups” Cape York trailer that looked more like the Taj Mahal complete with ensuite (Marvel though not Marble)

Most of the trailers had turned up by Fri arvo/nite, with the late comers told “we heard you setting up.” However, I am sure the TRAINS made more noise… If someone would invent a “Padded” tent peg they never woulda heard us you know…

Sat morning saw the last of the arrivals, & Robs comment that his bed wasn’t even made, & he was sleeping in a “sleeping bag”……..huh???? campertrailers mate!!!!!!!!

Sat morning saw the group gather under the “big tree” where the formalities were handled by Alan, & the “golden tent peg” award was duly presented to Robyn which completed the formal part of the w/end.

From then on it was “talk campertrailers as much as you like “New bits and bobs” shown around and duly applauded from the “Robo can” to the BBQ umbrella doovey. Then the arrival of Sat evening, Happy Hour and then the sequel to Happy Hour when the camp fire drew all & sundry to its mesmerising centre,  including “salesmen” of dubious origin, & talk of LED lights fantastic, with a couple of  cowgirls thrown in for good measure. Sorry to say though that all of the intrepid Light people disappeared leaving the cowgirls stranded in the dark without even a $4 torch, Alan and Kathy had even turned off their Christmas lights.. How was a girl supposed to find her way home. For the record all of you SNAG’s out there, when you leave a light on for your honey to come into camp late it is a good idea to leave on a light OUTSIDE the trailer… finding the bedroom is the EASY part… Ok.

Where Sun morning came from, nobody knows, cept Rob who lit out before sparrows.  The rest were lethargic to say the least, I think the panadols got a bit of a work out in some camps so packing up was put off as long as possible. Some packing was left so late that the BBQ’s were wheeling off on their own or maybe they did get help how many people does it take not to notice a direct out in the open BBQ kidnapping anyway.…. As per usual there were the ultra organised, the ultra disorganised and the people who get to stay longer (one day I will get to be them) ….

All in all Kudos to Alan and Kathy for yet another enjoyable camper trailer meet. Apologies for the length of time the write up took… This one is a joint effort from Jill & Gus… Hey Pete….. did ya see this light…


thanks to Gus & Jill for the writeup 



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