Past Events

Andrew Drynan Park weekend meet


Andrew Drynan Park
near RathdowneySE Queensland  

held on the weekend from Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th November 2008


For the fourth year in a row now we've met here in November. Each year there seems to something memorable this was the year of the storms.

Of the eight camps that saw out the second storm (Gary & Chris, Graham & Mary, Neil & Margaret, the bale of turtles, Rick & Carol, clan Wheatley, Paul & Mandy, Alan & Kathy) seven saw out the following wet night and morning. Good fire that night as the Ranger had supplied some dry wood while checking we all OK and Turtle produced some magic dry kindling (remnants of a table our source, Amelia, informed us). Richard and Sharon had made the decision to start their long journey home at dusk as their canvas was wet and unlikely to get dry and wasn't that so true as it was still drizzling when the final few packed on Monday morning. It seems that just under 50mm of rain fell in the two storms with the strong wind gusts to help it find its way inside. Nobody and nothing much damaged so just a good test of equipment and setups. Reminder to me take a few pegs which will hold better in soggy ground.

The imminent arrival of the first storm just after lunch on Sunday saw the rapid departure of most of our crew. Alex, Jill and Aylee were unfortunate their timing was out by ten minutes or so and ended up with wet gear anyway. Rob managed to get his extensive mansion away just in time without even losing a screwdriver!

Saturday night was BIG for a SEQ meet. 20 of the 21 groups still in camp (Jack & Enid having already come and gone). It looked bigger as there were several CT's in the park that weren't with us. Too big for a single fire. No cowboys and no late cake just proves that every camp is different!

Saturday was hot actually only around 30 but it felt hotter. The wading pools, spas and deep pools in the creek all got a good workout during the day as did any shady spot. Rex and Ann visited for the day with the odd gadget or two to demonstrate including a large but extremely effective fly trap.

Our morning tea went well with the usual spread of goodies. An added attraction this year was a birthday party Lauren and Eleanor were two complete with cake and candles. Lots of meeting and greeting to be done as we had more 'first timers' than previous SEQ attendees. Combined with the large numbers this made a sense of 'inclusiveness' harder to achieve but a good start was made. Great to see so many new faces.

The wheels had obviously fallen off our icebreaker system. We had six groups who had all responded but the messages weren't received (maybe used 'reply' instead of 'reply all' but we can't be sure). At this meet it mattered not at all and maybe added to the fun a bit but at a meet with site bookings it could have been a problem. Perhaps a little fine tuning of this system wouldn't go astray.

The styles of camp at the meet varied a caravan, lots of different CT types of course including a couple of crossovers, three tents and what could, kindly, be described as a tramp's camp.

Friday was a quiet day apart from the rush of arrivals during the extended happy hour. The creeks attractions were popular during the warm afternoon.

Early starts to these weekends are gaining popularity. Graham & Mary arrived Wednesday to pick the best spot. Neil & Margaret, clan Wheatley, Jack & Enid, Alan & Kathy all rolled in on Thursday (not that long ago we would arrive pm Thursday and have the place to ourselves).

A small sub-committee (otherwise known as a ginger group) have raised the timing of meets at AD. Maybe a little earlier in the year (September?) to avoid the heat and storms. We've had electrical storms in two of the four meets at AD. Then again, maybe there won't be room in next year's calendar with 20 families now champing at the bit to host a 2009 meet.

That's it for this year. Thank you all for coming and making it, yet again, a great SEQ meet.


Alan & Kathy


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