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 andrew draynan weekend

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andrew drynan weekend

from Saturday 23rd  to Sunday 24th October, 2010


This weekend was chosen for the South East Queensland meet after a request or was that an order, just joking, for Rob and Carol to meet the people from the CamperTrailers Group who have never been able to get to a national meet. Rob set the date to suit his travel plans after leaving the National Meet at Condobolin going up to Bowen for family and then a camp meet in Queensland before continuing on homeward to Newcastle.

Once dates were confirmed, it was then where to have the meet, as the potential numbers for the meet could end up being larger than normal. Andrew Dryan was my choice of meet for two reasons, the grounds can cope for many campers and for me to be able to take Rob and Carol on a drive over the Tweed Scenic Rim and the lookout towards Mt Warning. Rob and Carol have walked this mountain twice and I can still see and hear Rob’s response when we came round the bend for the first view of the valley towards Mt Warning. It was priceless. The Border Rangers is one of my favourite camping spots where we have camped at Sheep Station a number of times and have done a few of the walks. I encourage anyone who has not done this drive to do so making certain that you do the ring road for a drive and walk in rain forest.

The forecast for a wet weekend proved false although some of the days were overcast and the usual of late Andrew Dryman storm did not eventuate although campers who stayed for the Sunday night got a little taste of the storm but missed out on the full force with only light rain falling. People back at home on the southside copped the full force of the storm with our place getting over 40mls.

First to arrive at the meet was Helen and Dad Jake who arrived on the Wednesday with Peter setting the Jayco up and then leaving her to visit his Mother. Helen was certainly glad when people arrived on the Thursday as she ended up being the camp and felt a little uncomfortable being there and no car. Not much sleep to be had that night but she made up for it the next night.

We arrived just on dusk on the Thursday night and in no time in between chatting to other campers had the camp set up and a sit around the fire eating tea which had been done in the crock pot at home and transferred into the dream pot to keep hot. We brought out our special stable tables that have a LED light on them as well as a wine glass holder. They were brought just as a novelty for a laugh around a camp meet but are so good other members have even gone and got them as well.

Rod and good friend Tim came on the Thursday setting up for the weekend where Rachel and children were to follow on the Friday after work. Rod had to go to work at a conference at the Gold Coast on the Friday and the Saturday and was not going to let his camping plans get messed up once again. I always seem to pick a weekend for meets where he has to work. As with children you never know what is going to happen and as Eliza was sick Rachel missed out on most of the weekend only arriving on the Sunday for one night and she said all ok she just wanted a fire that night but ended up watching the fire from under the cover of her awning as it was drizzling rain from the storm. It was just as well Tim was there with his fire. His nick name now is Tim, Tim the Timber man. The fire he had going each night was great and he still had heaps of timber supply in his truck. Your welcome at any meet and can always be in charge of the fire.

New members Wendie, Daryl and twins arrived just after dark on the Friday night to set up a brand new camper that they had not been shown how to put up. Have to take my hat off to them, no arguing and no going home to sell and no divorce. They sat back and took advice from long time members and just got on with the job. Congratulations.

Mel and Steve and girls turned up with 30 second tents. They started in the group with a Trak Shak, then a caravan and now tents and a Hilux fitted out for a non towing trip.

As usual I was talked into making the normal Orange and Poppy seed cake on the Friday night. We had trouble getting it cooked in the middle. This time we didn’t have the camp oven too hot in fact was a bit too cool. Always learning. The cake was shared with the late stayers around the fire.

Saturday Morning tea was held up the hill amongst the trees, a spot Penny and I selected as we needed lots of shade. The comments we had from making people walk up the hill and yes Jason (Coxy) this was a hill, just ask Rob. Exercise was good for everyone and the view was great. Everyone socialised and no one went hungry. The afternoon was spent chatting to new and old members, walking down to the creek, some even getting wet in the creek. Tim got the fire going nice and early and this made for another great night around the fire.

Shane from Jamie's Dynamic Solar Solutions came down to the meet to check out campers for Nikki and himself. He also recognised the names of the hosts and when he arrived realised that it was the Lindsay that was his teacher at Tafe. A small world. He brought down a couple of chairs for Kevin and would have been able to sell a couple more especially as Wim broke his chair while sitting on it. Lucky he didn’t hurt himself too much but did have a little cut where the metal leg that snapped an cut him. It could have been worse. He was sitting on a crate until someone gave him a spare one to sit on. Judy and Wim were only discussing replacing chairs so that was a bad omen. Shane was also taken around by Rob to look at Daryl & Wendie's inverters Poor guy, no rest for the wicked.


Some of the comments or funnies of the meet were:

  • Alan being the “Golden Haired Boy” cause I gave him a glass of port as he could not eat cake.

  • Rob Norris telling me I was behaving because the big boss was there. I asked how did he work that one out and his answer was because I was not drunk the night before.

  • The discussion regarding the bird that we had seen and Tim had taken a picture of at the lookout on the border ranges. Turtle saying “it was a Red Breasted Tit” mention was made that no member had been sunbaking and had red breasts. Then his comment was “Red Breasted Robin” which I certainly replied “no red breast for me”. For the books it was a Scarlet Honeyeater.

  • Rob Norris walking up the hill to Carol and Ricks camp, thinking that Carol S was Dianne who he couldn’t find. I made mention that I couldn’t find Lindsay either. Rob had a good comeback for that one.

  • Turtle at the fire digging himself deeper into a hole.

  • Ticks on goochi. You had to be around the fire for this one.

  • Nikki using hand language to Lindsay re poles etc and then realising after dumb looks from all that the previous conversation regarding the poles was with John Heath.

  • Mel with tanned thong marks on her feet.

  • Mel’s comment regarding use of black gloves instead of her nice purple ones was that they wouldn't match her jumper she was wearing.

  • Shane and Nikki having to use the Coleman hot water shower to wash Matilda the dog who had rolled in some not so nice smelling stuff. Matlida also playing ball with the kids and when had had enough lying on the ball so the kids could not get it again.

  • Helen having her shirt on back to front. ( Memories from another meet come to mind once again)

We had over 20 campers, tents and hard-sided campers at the meet with some new, some not polling and just coming along, but all say they will come back again. It was great camping with Rob and Carol once again. Lindsay who was on holidays was talked into staying another night, which was not hard especially with the offer of tea cooked for him, so I had to beg a ride home with Rob and Dianne. Rob told me on one condition no talking but did that happen no. Rob asked me the first question as we were turning out of the camping ground and I just could not be rude now could I. After letting Lindsay know I was home safe and sound and ringing him regarding the storm I was even asked by Rachel where is my cake for her. It never ends especially as I held my ground and did not volunteer to do a cake on the Saturday night even after lots of bantering around the fire from many members.


Lindsay got to do his first packup by himself with just a little help from Alan and Kathy for the final pulling down. He must have missed my help as when he got home he had to put the trailer back up to retrieve his wallet from under the bed. Something I always do is check for wallets phones and keys.


Looking forward to the next one. Who is going to put their hand up for the first one in 2011.


Robyn and Lindsay