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 Atkinson Dam weekend

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atkinson dam weekend

from Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th November 2023

Members to the group came out to enjoy the space and surroundings of Atkinson Dam where we held a meet earlier in the year for remembering Andy. The dam at the time was 87 percent full and when we confirmed dates with the scout group the dam was 60 percent. By the time the 18 camping families converged for the week or part of, it was down to 51 percent.

The group brought some rain to increase the level a little with a couple of thunderstorms rolling through late Friday afternoon. For once we could not blame Matt as he was driving in between storms to get to Atkinsons, luckily avoiding areas that were hit much harder than us with hail. Think we could class ourselves as lucky. The scout camp caretaker Wayne told us we got about 28 mm of rain and it was great to see the brown grass go green before our eyes.

We arrived on the Thursday morning to set up our second trailer, a Jayco Swan and using our Isuzu Mux as the tow vehicle. Certainly some very confused looks trying to locate us on arrival. We had three canvas trailers, Ali and Ian’s Jayco Penguin, Jill and Gus’s Aussie Swag and our Jayco Swan plus a couple of tents joining the hybrids and caravans. Although Lindsay and I certainly missed the easier pack up of the Pacific Ally.

The morning tea get together on the Saturday was held under the new shelter area which has been erected since April making a large spot for shade and rain days. At eleven the group paused for Remembrance Day and thank you to first time attendees Sel and Christine for reading the Ode.

It was great to see everyone mingle around chatting here, there and everywhere, having afternoon teas leading to happy hours together, mostly at Robyn and Mikes camp as he does have the best sign, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and Mikes bar is open” and cooking and sitting around the communal fire at night except for the wet Friday night.

Lindsay and I wish to thank all who came and we are booking the dam for around the same time in 2024 and will look forward to your company once again.

Robyn and Lindsay

photos from Robyn