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  Atkinson's Dam weekend

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 atkinson's dam weekend

Saturday 6th to Monday 8th June, 2015

Another magic weekend for the group has come and gone, a revisit to Atkinsons Dam where we spent June long weekend in 2014. The weather was kind to us with no rain, very warm days when the wind was not blowing and not very cold nights.

We welcomed first time campers with the group, Brian Edwards with an elete camper trailer and Rodney and Melanie who came in their Kombi Camper as their camper is back home getting modified for a Tasmania trip soon to come. It was great to catch up long time campers Lisa and Greg who we have not seen since June 2014 with Greg still working in NSW and living in their caravan, Jill and Gus who made the trip up to Queensland from New South Wales and Rod and Rachel who brought out with them a couple of friends so that the kids would have some company. We also had surprise visitors for Kevin with Kathleen and Courtney coming out for a day visit on the Sunday.

The camping set ups included one swag, three tents, six camper trailers, three crossovers vans , three caravans and a Kombi camper.

The dam this year was a lot lower than last year with the caretakers telling us it is at 36% capacity. It certainly was a long way down to the dam for Rick to take his kayaks down for a paddle and for people to go for a walk around the dam edge. The numbers of bird life was unbelievably huge and it was great watching them all take off from the water or edge of the dam into the sky. The pelicans were often seen gliding around in wind drafts. The horses once again came to visit more so at night time. They were enticed to move away from the fireplaces during the dark of the night. We had some beautiful sunsets and moon rises although the sun sets last year had lots better colour.

The saying is what happens on camp stays on camp but here are a couple of the highlights
* Matt being sent to the naughty corner which was on the island in the middle of the dam, this was before he even arrived:
* Macadamia nuts and shells for on the fire with comments of Rob N's hot nuts or Rob's exploding nuts:
* Matt and Wendy having to dry out all their bedding due to a hot water bottle leaking and the local banter about this:

It was great to sit and watch everyone enjoying the time away camping, making new friendships and catching up on older ones, the children riding bikes , kites flying in the air, people paddling on the dam, the laughter and bantering around the campfires and communal times.

Roll on 2016 when we do it all again, same place, same time.

Robyn and Lindsay




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