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auto centering camper floor frame




auto centering camper floor frame

Here's an idea for holding down the floor without having to peg into the ground.


what you need

The framework is made of 16mm x 1.2mm gal tube and four sliders of 19mm tube around 150mm long and a sliding fit over the 16mm tube.

how to do it

Measure the floor area and cut two pieces of 16mm tube the length of the shortest side of the floor, plus around 600mm for the bends and returns. Block one end of 16mm tube with a piece of wood, fill tube with sand, compact and block the other end with another piece of wood.

Bend around a jig of approximately 70-100mm diameter, leaving a straight section at least 100mm after the bend. Do the same at the other end so that the finished article fits inside and along the shortest side of the floor. Repeat process so that you have two identical pieces with bends at either end. Place these on floor inside the camper and measure between ends of frames, then cut two pieces of 16mm tube to fit between.

Cut four pieces of 19mm tube around 150mm long, file the inside seam off and slide two onto each length of the straight 16mm tube.

putting it together

To assemble, butt the straight tubes up to the returns on the bent frames and slide the sliders over the joins. For the floor covering you can use canvas, light carpet or the commercially available caravan matting. Just sew an open ended hem at either end and slide over the framework with the bends at each end. The entire frame and floor can be disassembled, rolled up and placed under the mattress for storage.


The framework is lightweight, quicker than pegging and will automatically centre and hold your floor flat and square regardless of the terrain. It will also hold the walls of the tent out straight. Only very strong wind gusts will lift it. Aluminium tube can also be used, but lifts quite easily in moderate winds.



 rolled up for storage   corners with sliders sliders in place    framework 


straight flat floor  assembled automatically centered  straight sides


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january 2009