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 Barambah Bush Caravan Park weekend

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Barambah Bush Caravan Park weekend

Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th August, 2011


Weather forecast: Some light rain with a few storms for Saturday. This was straight from the BOM office in the room just down the hall. Could he get it right? Barambah had only had around 2mm of rain in the last three months.

Some early birds had arrived earlier in the week and most others arriving Friday. A few stragglers or those wanting to make a big entrance with a new rig arrived on Saturday.

Those attending in no order:
Matt and Wendy (and the dog)
Rex and Ann
Neil and Margaret (and the bird)
Kev, Kathleen, Courtney and Cassandra
Graham and Helen
Peter, Tina and Damian
Hugh and Jane
Alan and Kathy
Rob and Dianne
Rod, Rachel, Eliza and Jediah
Tim the Timber man
Turtle, Helena, Amelia, Lauren and Elanore
Bruce and Annie
John and Penny
Graham and Jan
Robyn and Lindsay
Rick, Carol and Owen

What a weekend – thought we were back in Victoria with all the changes in the weather. Friday started out rather well but by the time the fire was lit the rain had started. Thankfully this was fairly light and a gathering around the fire was possible even though it was standing only. Never let the weather get in the road of a few good yarns but by about 10 pm the rain got heavier and anyone left called it a night. It then rained steadily most of the night albeit only light except for a few heavier showers. 16mm.

Saturday dawned with the rain having eased and it looked promising to clear, however, a few showers kept rolling through. Carol decided she would scout out the covered shelter area at the other end of the park as a suitable venue for morning tea. She came back happy we could squeeze into the shelter if required. Someone upstairs must have been watching because all of a sudden the day brightened and the prediction from the owners of the park was the weather was clearing.

Around this time the grand entry was made by the new CT – Robyn always loves to make a spectacular entrance and a bright and shiny one it was, someone will surely post some pictures of this. She was given centre stage to set up with a good gathering of onlookers to give advice, something Robyn doesn’t take well as we have seen if you try to tell her about cooking cake. For those of us watching it was like a piece of meat had just been placed on a meat ant’s nest – they swarmed all over. A few names for the CT were tossed about – Robyn’s Roast, The Coffee Cart.

The time for morno's came and we could all sit outside and enjoy the formalities. A good spread was laid on and everyone enjoyed sampling the variety of nibblies – some more than others with a few messy looking kids resulting. Some Neo Cool presents were handed around and it was a little difficult to tell just which drink was mine, or his, or hers - with most of us now sporting Roadkill Stubbie coolers. Thanks Rob and Dianne.

However, again the voodoo was upon us with someone stating how good it was it cleared up for morno's. This was an invitation for the rain to start around 11:20 am. Lunch was spent under cover and as the afternoon wore on the rain came down, and down and down. Quite a few enjoyed the sight of rushing water passing through their prized possession whilst others took time out for a nanny nap. Again some photos should tell the story better. It was a time to reflect on sitting your trailer and realising that a gentle slope can produce a lot of water if it channels together.

Not to be daunted though there was some flittering between camper trailers to check out the damage and sights. For some reason there was a good gathering at Robyn’s new trailer, more kept going there. Had Robyn baked a cake? Let’s check this out….sadly no cake but a beautiful water feature was cascading down inside the awning – seems something was not quite sealed correctly. A lot can be said for getting a good downpour when your CT is new. Helena got caught here as she had come during a dry period and looked lost thinking how she could get back up to her site without getting soaked. Someone took pity though and lent her an umbrella. Why hadn’t Turtle come looking for her to help? Was he enjoying a nanny nap?

Happy hour was delayed a little but the rained eased and Tim the Timberman got one fantastic fire going. Where he hides all that wood in his ute we will never know. Some didn’t want to chance the weather and stayed under cover. This proved to be a sound decision for some time later the heavens again opened up – but not to be deterred (it was good fire after all) some persisted under umbrellas. In between all this most ate and around 10 pm the rain again eased. A few more gathered around the fire but most had retired.

Some classics from the fire:
“look after my chair whilst I check on the kids” – inch deep puddle of water in it on return
“What time is it?” “1105” “Cheezzz….That late I’m off to bed.”
“I’ll just get another beer” and never sighted again.

A few diehards stayed until 1230am but eventually called it a night. The rained abated overnight and there was still heat in the fire at dawn and it was again roaring after attention from Tim. 25mm of rain recorded by the owner but had to have been more than that as Murgon received 65mm.

Sunday dawned looking to clear and those who had to depart were glad of the chance to dry out to pack up. Robyn and Lindsay emerged after “trying out” the new bed. What was it like? everyone wanted to know – Lindsay had to sleep in the wet patch as another leak was detected. A nice touch to get a waterbed in the CT but a little uncomfortable. The new name for this CT – Underwaterworld.

Departures started and farewells given.
Damn kids had turned the lights on and flattened someone’s battery – not bad as they had no kids but had been overrun by them at times as they had the only dog.
Some were lucky enough to stay to enjoy another night whilst the rest of us headed for home.
A good time had by all despite the weather.

Thanks to those that came.
Thanks to those that provided firewood.
Thanks to those who provided the entertainment.
For those new or irregular attendees – hope we didn’t scare you off.
For those that didn’t make it you missed a good experience and we hope you can make it next time.

Some questions still to be answered:
How many times can kids go missing at a meet?
Will the BOM ever get it right?
Can we have a meet without one extreme or the other with the weather?
Who is holding the next Qld meet?
Where will it be?
When will it be?
When will Robyn bake another cake?
Who was that masked man who kept sitting in someone else’s (anyone’s) chair?
Do kids have to tell everyone what you say?


                                                                              Rick & Carol Harper



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