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  Black Cockatoo Easter weekend

 Black Cockatoo Bush Camp

Easter 2012


We arrived at Black Cockatoo mid afternoon with Bob & Julie Kent, to a warm sunny afternoon, no crowds & only 3 or4 other camps set up around the place. After setting up we sat back in the sun with no need for a fire and before long it was midnight, a bright moon and a mild night.


On Thursday morning we were up to another top sunny day of around 30c. As the morning progressed other cars started to arrive and set up in other parts of the property. Then David & Lena and David & Rosie arrived. Both have joined the hard sided, hard roofed and hard floor brigade. David & Lena with a new Avan, and David & Rosie with a new Goldstream mini, called the "Little Pup". I did not see it, but it must have an ice cream machine because each night two plates of frozen ice cream came out of it. Later in the afternoon Phil & Cath, then Neville & Helen with Phil & Wendy arrived and set up, followed latter by Rob & Jen. Again we sat around in the sun and bright moon light till midnight again.


Well how things can change, it seems that the South Australian's found out that a group of Victorians were in there state, so did there best to blow us all back over the border. But it did not work, as us Vic's are use to all kinds of weather. During the day out of the wind and dust came Dirk, and later Craig & Sandy then came Dennis & Therize who travelled through wind & dust, then rain, all the way from Naracoorte. That night it was winter clothes and a fire.


The morning had settled down and things got back to normal. Later on Dirks crew, Joy, Trent & Rachel arrived and set up for the night. That night we set up for a square table luncheon, it was Easter hats all round with beer and wine and the aroma of all sorts of menus cooking, and all had a goodtime as we all sat around the outside. Around this time another couple came in to camp from another part of the property, there names also were Bob & Julie and they also members of theCamperTrailers Group. They were already camped there and heard about us so they stayed and joined in for awhile, then later around the fire which had grown a bit bigger by then.


The morning was back to the fine sunny weather again and with some preparation we had five cars ready for a 4wd trip through the Little Desert. We had there Patrols, one Pajero & a Narvara. Around 10am we all set off for the start of the tracks, but all came to a stop at the first sandhill after I went up and over it then came over the cb that there was a Pajero stuck up on the side of the sand dune. So he reversed down and tried again, then again, it was then pointed out to them that off to the side was a chicken track, so we were up and off again after it was put to use. After the next hour or so we arrived at a water hole for a bbq lunch and what do we find three Ultimate's and one Bolwel, they must have got lost in the desert looking for Black Cockatoo. Later all fed a watered, we headed off on to the tracks to work our way back to camp. We all arrived back just on dark after 180km of tracks ready for another feed and watering.


Another start to a nice day which was spent around camp watching the start of the camps being packed up as well as a Pajero being inspected from front to back for any missing parts, but all seemed to be intact. (I will have to try better next time). As the day passed Phil & Cath, Phil & Wendy and Neville & Helen left followed later by Dirk and then Rob & Jen. That night the talk around the fire seemed to be about Pajero's..... "strange".


Morning arrived cloudy but ok, which helped the last of the camps pack up dry, which was a bit of a change and by midday it was back to just us and Bob & Julie with Dennis & Therese getting ready for there long trip back home, all of about 14km. That night it was up to us and Bob & Julie to keep the party alive.


Morning started bright and sunny for the last of us to to pack and leave with much thought of don't do it, but we did it. Bob & Julie heading off south, we headed north and spent another few days at Hattah Lakes and then pointed home to bring a great Easter to an end.


Graig & Sandy
Neville & Helen
Phil & Wendy
David & Rosie
Dirk, Joy, Trent & Rachel
David & Lena
Bob & Julie
Rob & Jen
Phil & Cath
Lindsay & Sandra



your hosts Lindsay & Sandra




photos from Paul