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Black Cockatoo Bush Camp
South Australian weekend get together

on the weekend of Saturday 22nd to Tuesday 21st April 2006

      I arrived at the Black Cockatoo Bush Camp at 2pm Friday the 21st April 2006, followed by huge black clouds, I pitched the tent and kitchen in record time confusing the German Shepard (Duke), he is used to me finding a seat and having a beer. The clouds surprisingly passed and no rain, it was here I met Lindsay & Sandra sheltering in the lean-to, they said they were moving on in the morning after spending a few days at the bush camp.

      Soon Rob arrived and asked if the dog was noisy at night, Duke just looked at him and did not respond, (well trained). It seemed good timing as Rob was setting up his camper Ron & Shirley arrived and after the introductions they set up their camper and I had the stop watch ticking for these 10 minute set ups Ha! Ha!

      It was not long and it was afternoon cocktail time, we were joined by Lindsay & Sandra who are now prospective members, cooking tea and talk around the campfire saw the day complete, thanks Rob for the workshop on how to boil a Billy, Vic style.

      Saturday Rick & Cindy arrived around lunch followed by Danny & Lina and their children Sarah & Karl, not forgetting Geordie (Labrador) & Bonne (Kelpie), what a crew in the Cherokee. The candle light 3 course shared dinner was excellent, Lindsay and Sandra appreciated the celebration of their 31st anniversary. The rest of the evening around the camp fire or bar was work shopping the use of guide ropes and solving the worlds problems, which went past midnight (Duke hates to go to bed early on a Saturday night).

      Sunday morning was relaxed and after breakfast, we hit the sand tracks about 11am, although not real 4wd country the soft sand tracks still tested driver skills and not suitable for 2wd vehicles, the Cockatoo Lake was almost dry but still a nice camping ground. The track back through virgin or natural scrub (generated a discussion), was enjoyed by all, weaving in and out of bushes and low hanging branches. Rick & Cindy headed back to Adelaide in the afternoon.

      Monday gave the rest of us time to go our own way and take in the attractions and trails of the local area. Tuesday saw the end of our get together after our farewells we headed home some to Victoria the rest back to Adelaide.

      Thanks to all who attended (Ron for your demo of the Cobb cooker) must get one, for those who did not attend you should have been there. I must recommend this bush camp to all, another SA secret.

      P.S. No camera no pics but others have enough pics on site.

Thanks to Paul for the write up & hosting the weekend.


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