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  Bowenville Recreation Reserve weekend

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 bowenville recreation reserve weekend

Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th may, 2012


This was the second meet in Queensland this year and was held at a new venue of Bowenville Recreation Reserve on the Oakey Creek five kilometres west of Bowenville. The host Neil was first to arrive on Tuesday and selected an area close to the playground and toilets. The weather was warm during the day and cold at night. Graham and Lyn arrived without Neil realising and set up in the Bowenville Heights. Rex and Ann arrived on the Thursday so they could be set up by the time other members arrived.

The Friday morning started with an early fog. By mid morning members started arriving with the last for the day being Robyn and Lindsay at around 9.00pm. It was good to see Rick and Carol drop in for the weekend returning from their holidays down south. This gave us a total of 11 camper trailers & caravans, set up already for the weekend. Early in the evening during the cooking of dinner Neil had a field mouse running around the stove outside. There was a campfire with many yarns being told. While sitting around the campfire Matt texted Robyn from Darwin, he thought it was too far to travel to the meet.

The Saturday morning started with Peter discovering a drowned mouse in a bucket of water. The main point of interest was Rex setting up his automatic tracking solar panel. He had many helpers. The two Patriot caravans arrived with Graham, Jan, John and Penny in plenty of time for the 10.30 morning tea. Morning tea was held under the shade of some trees. There were many goodies with Robyn baking a cake and forgetting to put the eggs in. Robyn agreed to redeem herself by baking another cake for Saturday night.


During the early start of the morning tea new member Margaret arrived with a welcome from the members. Other first time members Glen and Elizabeth were also welcome to the meet. Ushula arrived after the morning tea and she was very reluctant to back the trailer as she hadnít tried before. Kathy volunteered Alan to teach her how to back a trailer. After a half hour or so Ushula was becoming an old hand at backing. While this was happening Jill, Clancy and Jayden arrived from Moree. Unfortunately Gus was working and could not attend.

Late afternoon Tim and Phil turned up with a ute load of campfire timber. Thanks to Tim (the Campfire Chief) and Phil for the timber. The pre happy hour entertainment was David trying to fold his shower tent. The tent obviously didnít want to be folded with many experienced members trying. Finally Rick and David read the instructions and eventually folded the tent.

Tim started the campfire while the cold air came in and the happy hour was on. The fire was one of Timís best with nearly all the timber being used for the night. Robyn did bake a cake in the Cobb for all including the eggs this time. Great cake Robyn!

Sunday morning as usual was a slow rise and more mice were discovered. The weather was once again great and people were reluctant to pack up and go home. As the day progressed there were less and less with only six trailers left for the quiet Sunday night campfire. The weather tried to change to rain but all we had was a few spots and a rainbow. There was a good sunset though. Three more left on Monday and finally two more on Tuesday leaving Rex and Ann to the place for themselves.

Thanks to all who attended. Once again welcome to the newbees Margaret, Ushula and Glen & Elizabeth. I am sure you all enjoyed the meet apart from the mice. Yes I did take two home but they ended up a meal for the crows.

See you all at the next meet. Happy Camping.






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