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Burra Gorge (World's End) Weekend

held on the weekend of Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd of July


At our last SA meet at Black Cockatoo, we discussed our next venue for a meet and agreed that Burra Gorge would be a great place to re-visit. Who to host? A bit of arm twisting, and Danny volunteered to organise the meet.

A few arrived late Friday afternoon, with Pesty ,Glenda and Cody meeting up with John and Suzette. Rambo arrived later on.
Cindy and I arrived about 10am Saturday morning and noticed Cuffs & Duke and Danny & Karl (15) setting up camp in roaring winds.

Cuffs was on his third attempt at setting up his Coleman Canopy, but reluctantly admitted defeat to Mother Nature.

After a good half an hour of scouting the area for our camp position, we settled on a spot in the open, away from the swaying branches. We could have cuddled in with the early birds, but like Cuffs and Danny, we enjoy being as far away from each other as politely possible.

Saturday afternoon was spent lazing around the campfire and exploring what the Gorge has to offer.

John & Liz decided that a day trip would suit them this weekend and spent an hour meeting & greeting everyone.

With the rain falling lightly, the men-folk agreed that we needed some kind of shelter for the night in case of heavy rain. Cuffs’ had already admitted defeat and my large tarp wasn’t going to work. Rambo to the rescue, and it was decided to put up his canopy on the camper (a little lop-side due to the small ? nips of Muscat being shared around).

While Pesty was away sight-seeing, it was agreed to re-locate the fire away from near his camper to be closer to our new shelter.

Late Saturday afternoon we had the arrival of Bill & Annette, Nick (16), Matt (10), Jarrod (8) and Zak (5). Bill has trained his troops well, as the set-up of the Ultimate ,drop tent & swags was done with ease.

Saturday night we were finally greeted by our Victorian visitors Dale & Lynda. A 12 hour trip (extended by the faulty satellite haha) for an overnighter? That’s dedication.

The light rain didn’t dampen the spirits Saturday night as we enjoyed exploring the options of keeping dry.
The fire roared all night with the huge load of firewood mainly supplied by Pesty.

Sunday morning was a relaxing affair with a few going bush walking , some 4wding. I tried fishing for trout after finding some beaut waterholes a couple of kilometres upstream.

Thanks to Danny for organizing this meet and to all of the good people who attended.



photos by Rick>>>


away from branches bumpy tracks cindy, rick, john cuddles cuffs,duke,lynda,dale


Dale & Lynda camping area camping area camping area muscat assisted



photos by Linda>>

trout hole under cover workshop    








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