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Bushland Park weekend

weekend of Saturday, Sunday, Monday 10th, 11th & 12th of June 2006


The Bushland Park meet in the Bunya Mountains was one that was not for the faint hearted. Friday dawned grey and overcast… a preview of what was to come with Kate (our host) already at the campsite followed soon after by Helen, Peter and Jake then Linda and Jack.

Saturday morning was again grey with a light sprinkling of rain. Attendees on Saturday were Kate and Paul (aka Grumpy) with the ‘girls’ Minky and Bella; Helen, Peter and Jake with ball mad Benji; Linda and Jack with Terri the terrier; Gus and Jill, Erin, Clancy and Jayden with Bree the ever friendly tail wagging staffy.

The weather was not wonderful and this was not helped by the fact that certain NSW Drizabones elected to stay in the south for the weekend. The official welcome and morning tea was rained out but all the attendees caught up with one another and plans were laid to attend afternoon tea followed by an early happy hour. Peter, Jane, Alec and Isobel then arrived around lunch time, set up camp and joined us around the camp fire.

Afternoon tea was a treat with fresh scones made by Kate in the good old camp oven, complete with jam and cream. During this time the last of our last campers (and unexpected too) arrived, Ian and Michele with Nathan, Jessica, Dylan and Brodie accompanied by Michele’s parents Jackie and Cec, who soon had some one falling for them. Fortunately not too much damage was done only a sore shoulder and some skinner (oops I meant some skinned) knees.

They set up camp and then joined in the jovial gathering after dinner. The camp fire was blazing (Paul was the Fire Master for the weekend) but unfortunately due to the rain, had to be enjoyed from a distance and fortunately the shed was near enough to experience the warmth of the fire. This however, did not dampen the spirits of the group.

Campers were a bit disturbed by rain and wind on Saturday night with poor Jake coming off the worst, “it’s raining in here” were the mutterings that stirred both Helen and Peter at some unearthly hour of the morning. Sunday dawned fine at last but that wicked wind was still howling although according to Jane, the wind was there but was not “Bitter”… spoken like a true ex Tasmanian. Jake’s bedding was dried by the fire and Helen and Peter did some redecorating to ensure there was not a repeat drowning if the rain came back. Their spirits were not dampened, although they did briefly contemplate pulling up stumps. Luckily Peter had a good supply of Panadol to see them through.

On Sunday some campers took the rain forest walk within Bushland Park and others ventured further a field to Danabar to explore the rainforest and experience the very ‘Top of the World’ feeling that lookouts impart. Those who remained babysat the fire and checked out any changes or innovations to each others trailers.

We experienced our first farewells on Sunday when Linda and Jack left as they were feeling a trifle chilly and windswept. They had been at Bushland Park for Friday and Saturday nights and unfortunately could not see the blue sky that was up ahead. Rick and Carol (potential CT owners) also dropped by for a look see and chat after seeing the Bushland Park Meet details on the web.

Sunday afternoon was again very social with each and every person coming to the camp fire for afternoon tea and happy hour. Laughter abounded and there were many expectations as the cowboys came galloping into camp. Kate again showed her skill and provided us with a sweet damper cooked in the camp oven. This treat was well received by all the campers.

Peter, Jane, Alec and Isobel left to catch up with some people they knew from out of town who were visiting. When dinner was finished we returned to the fire once more for some good yarns and a few ales, as well as some liqueur tasting Lavender wine and Blue Moon liqueur were very interesting and helped to warm the heart if not the hands along with a very nice bottle of Port which Ian had very kindly supplied. Some time in the wee small hours of the morning the last of the camp fire revellers retired to their camps but only after some very deep cycle and smart charged conversation.

Monday was pack up day and yes, you guessed it – Blue Sky in abundance, really did not make us feel like going home. Packing up was complete by lunch time and tired, happy and a great deal warmer than they had been all weekend our happy campers left for home. Ian, Michele and company had a leisurely pack up as they were closest to the site having only 40 minutes to travel. Some went straight home some went via the mountain rainforest and some went via MacDonald’s in Toowoomba. Goodbyes all included “will we see you at Amamoor??”

Isn’t it funny, each meet we attend seems to be the ‘Best One Yet.’


Editorial: Jill Skinner (aka the Moth)










      Photos by Kate



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