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cadell weekend


cadell weekend
south australian weekend

Friday 30th April to Sunday 2nd May, 2010

    Another Camper Trailer Group weekend, what would the weather bring? Dave and Rosie had had their fill of wet weather camping. Earlier in the week the weather had been cold and damp BUT on the day the forecast was for sun and mild temperatures. We were not to be disappointed

    First to arrive was (you may have guessed it!) Smokey Dave and Rosie. By the time Mike arrived before lunch they had taken the best position and were having their first cuppa.! Bernie and Shirley were a little slow off the mark this time and arrived after, apparently, a very nice pub lunch.

    By the time Barb, Mick and the “drop bears” (Amanda and Lauren) arrived it was dark and the camp fire was well and truly alight. A little later our peace was disturbed by the arrival of Rick and Cindy! We were now all present and correct.

    Saturday was a brilliant day – no cloud and a temperature of 25. During the morning some of us explored the local area and walked along the river, conned the ferrywoman to take us back and forth across the River Murray and navigated blind successfully through the bush. Those not so motivated, “laboriously” walked between their campers exchanging views and comments on their latest acquisitions.

    By lunch time we were all sitting under the tress enjoying toasted sandwiches and we were very pleasantly surprised to be joined by John and Robyn; they had driven over from Balaklava for the afternoon. It was especially nice to see Robyn. She is going though a tough time at the moment and we all wished her well.

    The afternoon was spent in true camper trailer group fashion with some going for a short drive, others hunting for gold with a metal detector, whilst others started to prepare their “choofers” for the evening meal.

    Rick surprised us all with a huge pumpkin he had purchased down the road – a magnificent specimen (the pumpkin that is!).

    After a great meal the evening was Bernie’s. He regaled all of us with a very witty “show and tell” mystery parcel and a story which must have been at least a mile long, finishing off with the unwrapping of a parcel containing his “patented” tent peg puller for Rick. Well done Burnie it was great show to watch!

    Sunday morning surprised us all with a lovely sunrise followed by thick fog! We debated the merits of packing up damp or should we wait for the fog to clear. Those that waited a while won. By 10.30 we were packed up and ready to leave. It had been a great weekend.

    We farewelled Dave and Rosie’s camper for the last time – they are “trading down” to a small caravan!

    Until the next time ….

                                            Mike Fretwell



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