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The weekend of Saturday & Sunday, 11th & 12th March 2006



The first NSW CT Group Get Together for 2006 lived up to all expectations with fantastic weather, great people, fun times and adventure all roll into one. The days were hot with the river to cool off in and the nights were mild to allow for pleasant sleeps.

The privately owned camping area of Camp Cobark is situated on the Cobark River along the road from Gloucester to Scone about 34 kilometres west of Gloucester. The camping ground facilities included toilets and showers with a large shed with an open covered area that was well suited to festive activities. There is horse riding available plus campfires and dogs are allowed at the campsite.

 The majority of the large group arrived by Friday evening with the final couple of camper trailers making it in Saturday morning. There were 20 camper trailers, 1 slide-on camper and 2 tents making up over 70 people for the weekend. This NSW Get Together was privileged to have two camper trailers from Queensland and one from the ACT. There was a quick morning tea on Saturday where everyone introduced themselves from the regulars to the new comers. The quick morning tea was required as Rob and Carol had their planned 4WD tour of their “backyard” leaving at 10.00am.

The majority of the people at the Get Together went on Rob and Carol’s tour, which travelled through the Barrington Tops area taking in many lookouts and waterfalls. They all marveled at the beauty of the area and a desire to return to explore more of the area.

 Saturday night was party time at the large shed with a large fire burning and many activities happening to entertain all that were there. The major event was birthday celebrations with Kate and Paul from Queensland providing a birthday cake for Gus from Moree but had to very quickly incorporate Jenny and others that had their birthdays occurring around the weekend.

The queen of the kids, Sharon, had the usual supply of glow tubes for everyone, which were quickly made into bracelets, necklaces and Star Wars’ light sabres by the kids of all sizes and ages. After distributing the glow tubes Sharon started with the Scoobi classes for all those interested and those not in the know a Scoobi is plaited ornaments or bracelets using multi coloured plastic string. However, the master has been taken over by the apprentice Clancy, who has taken his Scoobi work to new complicated levels since being introduced to scoobies by Sharon at the Andrew Drynan Weekend last year.

Sunday morning dawned with a thick mist through the valley with the sound of the horses cantering to the yards for breakfast emerging out of the fog in the next paddock. Later in the morning 15 of the group went for a horse ride around the cattle farm of Camp Cobark. The finale to the weekend was the “Man from Snowy River Extravaganza” when 20 or so horses sneaked into the camping area instead of going back to their paddock and Kylie the horse wrangler (Camp Cobark owner’s daughter) had to retrieve them from the far end of the camping ground. The horses exited as a mob by racing between the two rows of camper trailers and providing an excellent show for all those watching but a shock for those who didn’t know what was happening.

People started to pack up and leave Sunday morning with a few staying a couple more nights to enjoy the Cobark River valley. The weekend proved to be a huge success and everyone that attended must be thanked for making it a very memorable weekend with new friendships made and existing ones built on.

Attending were

  • Mitsubishi Challenger + Cape York Adventurer - Sharon & Richard, Patrick (6) Rhiaan (4) with Dudley & Hudson

  • SWB GQ Nissan Patrol+ Track Trailer Eagle - Rob & Carol

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.0 CRD + Aussie Swag Rover LX - Kevin & Karen

  • Prado V6 + TrakShak - Richard & Robyn

  • tent - Robyn's son Allan, Andrew (7) & Emma (4)

  • Toyota Hilux twin cab ute + Slide on camper + Dingo Doza roof top tent & Oz tent - Brian & Terry with Rip & Franky

  • Troopy RV + Bayside camper - Steve & Julie

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee + Lightweight Camper - Anne & Dennis

  • Prado GXL + Ace Heavy Duty Off Road - Sue & Jason, Jessica (12) & Sheridan (9)

  • Toyota Landcruiser 105 + Track Eagle - Tony & Penny, Lachlan (7) and Jessica (5)  

  • Toyota Hilux TD D/cab + Austral on roader - Gus & Jill, Erin(16), Clancy(10), Jayden(8) with Bree

  • 100 Series + Highlander - Paul & Kate with Minky & Bella

  • tent - Cynthia & Mitchell (6)

  • Troopy + Customline - Alan & Brenda

  • Landcruiser + Cape York camper trailer - Paul Blundell & daughter Ali (12)

  • Landcruiser 100 + TrakShak - Jason, Mary, Clayton(14) & Georgia (12)

  • Nissan Patrol GU + Kimberley Kamper - Keith & Jenny and David + Jenny's sister Janet

  • Challenger + Central Coast Canvas camper - Kim & Helen, Hannah, Daniel

  • Pajero GXL + Aussie Swag Ultra - Greg & Therese, Katie

  • Landcruiser 100 + Trak Shak - Steve & Julie, James (13) with Chloe

  • Toyota Prado TX + Ace Campers Full Off Road Escape Deluxe - Peter & Rita, Amy (13), Emma (11), Matthew (9) with Scruffy 

  • 100 Series + Tvan - Michael & Heather with

  • Holden Rodeo Duel Cab + on road challenge - Peter & Helen & Jake with Benji

  • Landcruiser + tent - Paul & Debbie, Daniel, Emily

A big thanks goes to Richard & Sharon for hosting the CamperTrailers Group meet



Photos by Rob






Tony & Penny's Track Eagle Kim & Helen's Central Coast Steve & Julie's Bayside Cynthia & Mitchell tent Greg & Therese's Aussie Swag





Richard & Sharon Cape York Dennis & Anne's Lightweight Paul & Debbie's tent Peter & Rita's Ace Jason & Sue's Ace





Steve & Julie's Trak Shak Michael & Heather's Tvan Brian & Terry's Slide on Rob & Carol's Trailer Eagle Allan's tent





Gus & Jill's Austral Richard & Robyn's Trak Shak Keith & Jenny's KK Kevin & Karen's Aussie Swag Peter & Helen's Challenge





Paul & Kate's Highlander Jason & Mary's Trak Shak Alan & Brenda's Customline Paul's Cape York Saturday morning





Saturday morning Sunday morning Sunday morning meeting spot dumpers at Rob & Carol's





Cobark River Cobark River Cobark River Cobark River view from Camp Cobark

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