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Malcolm's Camper Trailer Bike Rack



malcolm's bike rack

I used front fork supports $45 each from mounted on the top surface of the steel kitchen box at the front of my Aussie Swag Camper Trailer. I custom fabricated from 40mm steel angle rear wheel supports that can be easily left attached when folding out the tent.

As the steel angle was free (offcuts from another project), the total cost over and above the fork supports was some welding rods, cold gal and epoxy top-coat for the rear wheel supports (I may eventually have them galvanised but the paint seems to work ok), nuts & bolts for the fork supports, tie downs and a couple of hours of my time. Probably around $50 total per bike (not including my labour!). I imagine a similar arrangement would be feasible for most CTs.

Due to its inherent simplicity, I prefer the style of roof mounted bike rack where the front wheel is removed to the type which hold the entire bike, however it does have the disadvantage of the need to separately store the bike front wheels for transport. You can buy ready-made roof rack wheel holders (like upside down front forks) but they are quite costly.

Eventually I may get around to making some but for the moment I can carry the wheels in or on the roof rack of the tow vehicle. It only takes a few seconds to detach / attach them and if they are secure inside the vehicle or out of sight may discourage bike theft when parked.




thanks to Malcolm Robins for sharing this idea