Past Events

 Canungra weekend

south-east Queensland
Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th of January 2017

photo Kathleen

A big roll-up of camper trailers etc. for the first Queensland meet of 2017 saw several new faces to the group, some members we hadn’t seen in a while, and some ‘new to the state’ members in addition to many regular campers. The weather was exceptionally hot so the track cleared to the river was well trodden as members took the plunge into the river and perched on submerged rocks to cool off.

Our annual working bee around the grounds started on Wednesday as people arrived and a hand mower was used to clear an area for each camper trailer. With each new arrival more ground was mown, and ‘patches’ were joined until a substantial area both around the trailers and the Scout Den was cleared. The formal working bee on Saturday morning finished off the mowing, tidied up fallen timber and whipper snipped the area around the den in preparation for the new Scouting year. A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone for their help in the very hot weather.

Some of us had work, family and other social/sightseeing trips away from the camp over the weekend so there was a bit of coming and going but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. As usual, conversations were ‘mist-interpreted’ or mis-heard, with very humourous results…and maintaining a state of hilarity while keeping up our fluids (did I mention it was hot!) was the priority for the few days.

Thank you to everyone who came and contributed to the conversations and merriment. We look forward to seeing you all again at future camps.

Greg and Lisa

p.s. The Scout Group passes on their thanks and welcomed us back any time.



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