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  Canungra weekend

 canungra weekend

Saturday 26th to Monday 28th January, 2013

Greg and I set up camp late on Thursday to beat the rush, but in fact were about 1 hour behind Matt, Wendy and Cedar. The weather was intermittent rain - more a nuisance than anything, so we cooked dinner and had a cuppa before sending Greg back home because he had work the next day.

Friday was again intermittent rain, which was beginning to be annoying. Around morning tea time the camp was joined by first timers Gregory and Angela, and Brad, Anna and their two girls. By lunch Helen and Mick and Ray had also arrived. As it turned out, this was the full complement. Despite the high interest shown in attending camp, the weather continued to deteriorate.

A huge thank you to Matt, Gregory and Brad for their efforts with whipper snippers etc. The high grass around the Den was cleared as well as two paths down to the river. This provided easy assess so we could check the rising river heights as it turned out.

Group afternoon tea on Friday and Saturday under the cover of the Den, and time was spent visiting campsites and chatting, fixing ropes, adding extra tarps. where needed, and checking on the pegs in the increasingly sodden ground. On Saturday morning tea we were joined by Lindsay and Robyn who lingered until tea time, and joined in the activities of visiting campsites and chatting, fixing ropes, and checking on the pegs in the ground.

By Sunday and with forecasts of the weather deteriorating even further, increasing winds, and rising river levels we decided to pack up our wet camps and head home while we could. We had all been looking forward to the chance to get away but the weather let us down big time unfortunately. It was great to catch up with those who were able to attend - hope you have finally managed to dry out the wet canvas. Amongst others, we took photos of Matt and Wendy and their campsite, complete with all the awnings they possess (except the ovehead tarp) and with the Australian Day flag - Greg and I are taking bets on whether or not we will see this rig again!

On a sad note, we know a number of members have had to attend funerals recently and our thoughts are with them.

Thank you campers and visitors for a memorable Australia Day and for your good company - bring on the next camp!

Lisa and Greg




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