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 canungra longweekend

Saturday 29th Sept to Monday 1st Oct, 2012

With relatively short notice we were able to secure the Canungra Scouts Campground at Gum Flats for the October long weekend. It's immediately opposite Sharp Park/River Bend Camping area - a known favourite with campers, and we hoped the CamperTrailers Group would like it just as much. The ground being relatively flat and with the scout's tolerance of dogs as a big plus, nine campers fronted up at various times from lunchtime on Friday. The decision where to set up camp on such a wide expanse of vacant property being about the hardest decision of the weekend. Over the weekend two campers had friends/family visit and Bob and Lyn visited friends and family nearby, so it proved to be a convenient location. The two male grandchildren with the group also enjoyed playing in the river.

Saturday's morning tea was complemented by Matt's freshly baked camp oven cake, of which only the crumbs remained. By this time the group consensus was that the venue was a success and morning tea rolled onto lunch very easily. Saturday's entertainment was the AFL Grand Final for those interested, courtesy of Lindsay's new TV (from Catch of the Day of course) or joining in the conversation circle by the campfire. Saturday night's campfire was cut short for some with the advent of light rain. Trying to outlast the rain, Carol and Rick sheltered under a silver tarp held up by a long-handled shovel (reminiscent of a Bedouin tent), Lyndsay and Robyn, Greg and Lisa, and Rob N all took up their umbrellas, although Rob N kept complaining about his bent shaft.

Sunday morning Greg, Lindsay and Rob N checked out the nearby Guanaba Scout campground as a potential site for a future CamperTrailers meet. After a serious inspection and due consideration, much conversation and deliberation, it passed as a pretty spot and worth a trial next year some time. Our numbers dwindled a little as Rob N and Carol, Rick and young Owen left Sunday afternoon, having prior commitments, and Matt and Wendy's grandson Domenic also went home with his parents later the day. Sunday afternoon footy was the NRL Grand Final, viewed again from Lindsay's TV, and enjoying a much larger camp audience than the previous day. That night, with much determination we managed to finishing burning through the hefty piece of timber we started the previous night, and although it was cooler, there wasn't any rain.

Monday was pack-up day and people departed at their leisure, with the farewells taking as long as the packing up.

Generally speaking those with dogs were more active than other campers, taking them for regular short walks, while the rest of us went about as far as the toilets and hot showers (plover attacks notwithstanding) and spent the days socialising, checking out each other's new vans/gadgets/improvements/gas-fired lights etc. Some also ventured into Canungra and beyond for short trips, the newspaper and lotto tickets.

Robyn and Lindsay
Rob N - batching while Dianne was enjoying a girls weekend in Tassie
Rick and Carol and Owen
Matt and Wendy and Domenic
Peter and Kaz
Courtenay and Keith and baby Caleb
Chris and Peter - one of their last trips before they take 12 months leave to travel around Oz - watch out for them on facebook
Bob and Lyn - their first local meeting since attending last year' National meet
Greg and Lisa

Although we may have had less numbers due to clashing with the annual National meet at Wellington, we had great company, good (daytime) weather, and the usual quick wits around camp made the weekend very enjoyable. I'm sure I've forgotten more than I should have, but this way most of our reputations remain intact. Just a word of warning - watch out for Robyn's recording pen at her next hosted meeting.

Thanks to everyone.
Greg and Lisa


photos from Robyn & Rob N