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Alan Haworth

.....and as the annual sacrifice to the Campertrailer Gods drew near,
preparations were underway in earnest.....

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Jason says “No wonder it doesn’t work, the small print says batteries NOT included” Rob says "One sausage is not going to feed many people Richard."
'Hey Rob can't we go back to the normal nametags, these hologram projections are giving me a headache' Jason asks: "wots the voltage drop on that baby?"
Jason: "That converts into a fully setup camper trailer? - NO WAY!!!!" Jason: "Praying won't get it started, Rob."
Richard: "I'll try swiping my Amex - that might get it working!"
Once upon a time there was three blokes trying to put a bbq together. The atheist (Jason) its ok my beer is cold. The prayer (Rob) hurry up I'm starving, and the one who doesn't need the instructions (Richard) why didn't I bring my glasses?
Rob: "Lord, forgive me for hiding Richard's battery. I had to make sure that anything his can do, mine can do better."
Richard: "Bugger! It only runs on 12volt!"
Rob "Oh lord give me strength!' - Richard, "that's not necessary mate all I have to do is to stick the disk in the drive and turn it on!" -
Jason is thinking just as well I have my beer!
....and as the annual sacrifice to the Campertrailer Gods drew near, preparations were underway in earnest.....
Jason "Sweeties, darrrlings ! It's been four hours, now hurry along  or I will not be serving dinner at 6 !" "To the God of fire we commit lunch"
Rob "Lord give Richard the skill to get this working otherwize it will be breakfast cereal & cold milk for dinner."  - Jason "Amen to that." Rob, Jason and Richard fail the new Australian CamperTrailers Group National Meet event – Taming the Portable BBQ
You can stop praying Rob, Richard will fix it. Rob presents a small white box to the Gods Of BBQ and mumbles his prayer about turning the box into steak and onions.

While Richard mutters about having to use his Amex card again to make it work, and not knowing how much it will cost. 

Jason says "Does either of you know how long this will take?  I'm already on my second stubbie and I'm starting to feel a bit peckish.  I knew we should of packed the women ....."
Jason says “ Rob, do you really want to go through with this”?
“Hey Jase, as soon as Richard pins his Visa card, you’ll both get your sausage sangers,” said Rob.
Jason:  Jeez Rob, even with Richard's optical zoom, that sausage is not going to look big enough to cook.
How many camper trailerers does it take to change a battery?
One to supervise.
One to throw away the instructions.
One to try and err.