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Dynamo LED torch
one minute charge with the winding mechanism produces fifteen minutes light
5 LED's which can be used with 1, 3 or 5 at a press of the button
includes mobile phone battery charging lead

Dynamic Solar Solutions stubby holder

three CamperTrailers Group stickers



Mike Cardinal

Hmm, I was sure I was standing on the outside when I tried to fold this dam thing up!!!




“Santa’s wash and wear station”?

Rob grinned with glee, thinking no-one could possibly find the on/off switch this time.  Little did he know, that they HAD found the switch and had set the water to Wrinkle then Freeze!  No spin dry for this naughty CT forum Manager!

News Flash! Condobolin gives birth to world’s largest drip!

Ethel...  I can't find the hot water tap!!

On joining Campertrailers.Org you are guaranteed events that are educational, informative and chock full of lessons... here we have a picture of Rob, co-owner.  As you can see he is excited to be able to test a new innovation.  The Clean Green Soap Free Pressure Wash.

After 6 months straight in the camper, I was hanging out for my first shower.
anything will do when desperate Paper? Who needs paper at the Condo Big-Flush-Bidet...?!
I will get this shower tent up one way or the other even if it hangs me, I have the noose ready. From the makers of COCOON, and COCOON - THE RETURN, comes the new Australian film, CHRYSALIS - HE'S EVERYTHING YOU'VE DREAMED OF. HE'S NOTHING YOU EXPECT...........
Confucius say... To flush, or not to flush, that is the question?
Sometimes Rob doesn't know if he's coming or going! And who disguised as a mind mannered CamperTrailers Group co-owner, fights for truth, justice & the camper trailer way.......... Look up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's supercampertrailerman
I thought the Bidet came up from the floor and was a lot smaller!!
Must have been a kangaroo in a past life!!! Hey what is this a toilet tent or vertical swimming pool
Is that an elephant's trunk or are you just happy to wash me? So that alien ship did land last night
“Funniest coin operated shower I have ever seen – hope I get plenty of water.... drop the coin in Carol!” Age is a number and I'm a single
‘Wotdoyamean there’s no hot water?!!’ "You mean to say that's what happens if you leave the tap dripping?"
I really do hate those water saving showerheads
"Honey, I've lost the soap!"

“I said the Thetford flusher is good, not the ford flusher is good.”

HyFlo  -  the new definition
It's not the pedicure and manicure I'm getting on the inside that would embarrass me the most - it's the whopping huge hair dryer above me! Carol..  this thing is at least 15 sizes to large the pocket should be below my waist not my chin!
this should fill up and give me the bath I deserve I thought you said " grey gonad"!!
Beam me up, Scottie..... Hmm, I was sure I was standing on the outside when I tried to fold this dam thing up!!!
Hellllo Campers! Who wants to wash my back? Is that Stan Pipe in there?





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