Past Events

Caringal Scout Camp weekend



caringal scout camp
near Moe in Victoria

held over the Easter long weekend from Friday 10th to Monday 13th April

    Caringal Scout Camp is a lovely spot set in the Moondarra State Forest approx 37 kms North of Moe. This is a well used Scout Camp with climbing wall, flying fox, an outdoor chapel which is used quite often. There are also lots of huts which can be rented by the general public.

    Sandra and Ian arrived first and had their camp almost set up when Rob arrived. I am fairly sure he heard us put the kettle on or maybe he heard me open the bikkies. Dr Dave arrived the same afternoon. Then Paul and Annie arrived with their new PONY.

    We had a lovely evening under the stars next to a roaring campfire.

    On Friday Dale, Karen, Emily, Nick and Jeremy arrived. Along with Dale, Bernie and Nicholas. Also arriving today were David and Brenda who came with their 3 granddaughters.

    Friday night saw us all scampering to find tarps and put up a make shift shelter which worked extremely well in the small thunder storm which was the only bad weather for the long weekend.

    Saturday night we had another campfire and many a cask of port was opened and happily consumed along with various other lemonades. Saturday afternoon our two grandchildren turned up for a sleepover. Mat 8 and Bailey 3. I had to send Mat to bed quite early as he was sending Dale to the poor house by the amount of satellites he was finding. The children , big and small had a great time with the marsh mallows and sparklers. Not to mention a zillion glow sticks.

    Sunday morning fresh and early the Easter Bunny had dropped off a few eggs for the children to find. Not long after that our own daughter turned up and I used that as a great opportunity to dispose of one 3yr old grandson back to his parents, Mat decided to stay as he was having so much fun with Jeremy.

    On Sunday Afternoon Ian took a few of the more foolhardy on a little expedition into the land of 4 wheel driving. The first law of 4 wheel driving was observed and Sandra was left behind. Young Emily drove

    Ian's Nissan Patrol for an hour or so and did have a rather large smile when they FINALLY came back to camp. Annie also did very well and drove like she had done it before and it was actually her very first time. Dale and family also enjoyed the LITTLE excursion.

    After some very late dinners we set ourselves up around the campfire and opened a few more lemonades and the usual chat. A big thanks to Dr, Dave for getting up bright and early to clear away the empties. And also a full bottle of Canadian Club. How many did you say you had Dr. Dave???

    Paul and Annie were very happy with their new hot water system and of course had to show us all how well it worked.

    Monday arrived much to quickly. This left Sandy , Mat , Paul , Dr. Dave and Rob to chat around the fire. Everyone except Paul left on Tuesday. Wednesday saw Paul caught in a bit of a storm all by himself waiting for Annie to drive back and pick him up.

    I think my biggest lesson from this camp is never camp to close to home as you get way to many visitors popping in for a free feed.

    Thank you every one for making this another memorable camp.

                                                                                                                   Ian & Sandy








photos from Dave