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Unfortunately most stolen camper trailers are never recovered & to make matters worse are usually packed with camping gear collected over the years & ready to head off on the next trip. So how long does it take to steal a secured camper..... watch this video.


video courtesy CCA Vehicle Tracker

The Caravan & Car Alarms Vehicle Tracker is a self monitoring GPS tracker that can be placed in your camper trailer, caravan, vehicle, boat or bike & relay to you the GPS co-ordinates of its location. The original concept was developed for use in classic & muscle cars. The Vehicle Tracker has been tested for more than four years over our outback corrugated roads perfecting a product that will suit Australian conditions. The software has been edited numerous times to make it the most cost effective, user friendly product on the market.

The CCA Vehicle Tracker is about the same size as a mobile phone manufactured with a high temperature resistant plastic hard body to suit our Australian climate. It works similar to a mobile phone, sending & receiving SMS messages from up to three authorised numbers operating off a $2 pre-paid SIM card. The credit amount can be maintained for as little as $30 per year with no monthly fees or contracts, operating on any Australian SIM card via a GSM, 3G or Telstra Next G networks.

You simply call the device from your mobile phone, let it ring twice & end the call. Within a few seconds a return SMS will be forwarded to your phone with the GPS co-ordinates of the trackers location. Of course your phone & tracker need to be in mobile phone range to talk to each other. If the unit is out of range it will reply when it returns back into coverage, the same as your mobile phone does.

The Vehicle Tracker must be connected to a 12volt power supply & features an internal backup lithium battery to run the unit for up to thirty-six hours if the power supply is cut or low. The program monitors the host battery as well as its own & if either battery drops below a preset voltage you will receive SMS messages at one minute intervals with an alert to a low battery along with the GPS co-ordinates. As a built in defence should the host battery be disconnected or the battery cables cut, you will be alerted with three messages along with the GPS co-ordinates. The unit is now in defensive mode & you have up to thirty-six hours to recover it.

The Tracker has a minimal battery draw thanks to a vibration sensor which switches the GPS chipset on & off. While your trailer or vehicle sits stationary it goes into sleep mode & consumes only 0.01amp. Any vibration will wake it & while active draws 0.03amp, but then only draws 0.04amp when the GPS chipset is sending or receiving an SMS. After five minutes sitting idle the Vehicle Tracker will go back into sleep mode. The high quality components used in the vibration sensor assembly will not give false alerts during thunder storms.

There are two models available, a plug & play version using a cigarette plug & a hard wire unit. The hard wired model features the ability to switch a relay. With a SMS the vehicle's ignition can shut down. If fitted on a camper it can be wired to lockup the electric brakes.

in the field

sms reply with co-ordinates google earth position

It is easy to see where the Vehicle Tracker is located by entering the co-ordinates into Google Earth to view a map. In my all steel garage at home the co-ordinates were within two metres so it would be no trouble locating a stolen camper that may be hidden in a similar garage. Out in the open the co-ords are spot on. If the unit is mobile it will give you the direction & speed as well as the GPS co-ordinates. 

The hard wire unit retails for $295 & the plug and play version for $345.

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information supplied by Shane Hudson from CCA Vehicle Tracker

article by Rob

february 2014