Past Events

Cedar Grove weekend


cedar grove weekend
near Gympie in SE Queensland

held over the weekend of Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May

    What a great weekend and what a great bunch of human beings to spend a weekend with. Cedar Grove in May takes a lot of beating I have to say. People arrived at all times of the day and night, in varying different guises, but all for the same purpose.

    I think I counted 21 groups of campers in what could be considered the greatest collection or gathering of camper trailers, tow vehicles and camping equipment that could be seen outside of a camping show, and all for free. The variety and knowledge on offer from the vast assemblage of people was without a doubt unsurpassed at any other event I have ever attended.

    We had a large number of new faces join us for our camp and even though they classified themselves as newbies, they were far from new to camping and all brought with them some experiences, stories and equipment that they were more than pleased to share. Our morning tea circle, well oval really, was so large one needed a cut lunch and a map just to get around it, and a telescope to see across it.

    The Host… What a lazy sod, blamed for arriving late and leaving early, didn’t organise morning tea until half an hour before when someone else had already started to organised it, failed in his ill conceived concept of greeting newcomers and generally seen to be lost for words at crucial moments when the visiting hoard were looking for guidance. Well all I can say in my defence is, ‘What a fantastic weekend we all had, and who noticed that the host was a complete cluts, and really, who cares anyway… coz we still had fun.’ But I’ll tell ya what, ‘Bloody hell it was cold’.

    And now for the weather: Friday, hard start, burning hot middle, bloody cold end.
Saturday, bloody cold start, burning hot middle and damn cool end.
Sunday, damn cool start, burning hot middle, fantastic end.

    The evenings entertainment on both Friday and Saturday night was delightfully supplied be Noel, with fireside antics including harmonious renditions of the melodious tunes from Oliver and Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. There was ‘Noels’ version of Fire Walking, which was as funny as hell and how he never lost the hairs on his legs has me stuffed, but Rick reckons it would have grown back overnight anyway.

    The award for the most unhappy Waeco in history goes to Noel, who was quite happy to remind us at regular intervals all night as he persistently made the pilgrimage to his Waeco insistent on making it even more unhappy as he removed yet another chalice of amber ale that was ‘cloudy but fine’. The gathered throng were delightfully informed that the bottom of the Waeco had not been seen for a very long time, with a very smug, yet pissed up smile on his melon.

    There was a serious new competitor entered into the Late Night Cake Cooking For Drunken Bums game. Tradition has it that Robyn, of the Robyn and Lindsay team (and at this task it is difficult to say who actually produces the goods) has this insane desire to wait until everyone gathered around a fire are suitably plied with copious amounts of what ever beverage they may have been enjoying for their evenings repast, decides it is time to make a cake (or two) in the camp oven over the fire. Orange and Poppy Seed being her preferred choice. Tradition also has it that this is an extremely enjoyable event for all those gathered and the fruits of her labours are quickly consumed with much joy, frivolity and scoffing.

    BUT!!! Enter the serious new competitor. Rod, of the Rod, Rachael and Elisa team took it upon himself to delight the gathered gobblers and created a chocolate cake cooked in the Cobb. Man, are the peasants pleased. But what a precedent to set. Tradition is a very big concept among the rank and file of the camper trailer devotee.

    The hard sided camper trailer fraternity were well represented on this festive occasion and were paraded in all their finery with gadgets and tidbits on display all weekend. Our Friday night 10 second setup team didn’t arrive until Saturday morning to the delight of everyone watching and still managed to set up in no time flat… What am I doing wrong?

    We had a little problem with some local wildlife on Sunday as we were packing up. We all need to watch out for overly zealous local wildlife as they tend to get a little irate and want to start abusing others good nature. Luckily some of us saw what was going on and came to the aide of our happy campers and help sort out the situation. But be warned…. They are out there.

    A special thanks to the Van Lund children, they befriended my little girls and played all weekend long. Isn’t it amazing how kids just get on like that and make the most of the time they share together… as most adults do.

    A big thanks must go to Bruce & Wayne from GREANEY'S TOWING SERVICE in Gympie for the donation of a load of fire wood which was gratefully appreciated by all the group.

    Thanks everyone for the great weekend. I know my family are looking forward to the next one. Hope to see you all there.




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