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Winter Woolies Weekend Camp



Cedar Grove Campground Winter Woolies Weekend

 Held on the weekend of 15th and 16th  of July 2006


Well I decided to have an MDO on Friday to get to our campsite at a reasonable time and get setup with just a hint of the possibility of rain threatening to impinge upon our collective merriment. Not everyone is as organised as our host (John and Penny Heath) who can arrive in the dark, setup camp in 10 minutes and be sitting at the fireside with a glass of red in one hand and a big plate of tucker in the other. Where they managed to cadge that from anyone could guess but it sounded like there were offers.

When we arrived Inspector Gadgets brother and Ann Of Green Saw Tooth Gables (Rex Adamson and Ann Stradley) were already there, with their Camper Factory Redlander with just the hint of a few mods, and had been for a substantial amount of time. How he managed to squeeze all the equipment into his little car and trailer will go down as one of those great Australian mysteries. We all decided that there were a number of trips from Brisbane to the campsite to ferry equipment. I would be as bold to suggest that Rex and Ann had more equipment and gadgets than is sitting in any BCF store you could name. Only Inspector Gadget has a briefcase large enough to store all this stuff.

Just along from the Green Saw Tooth Gables was the sleepy team of Alan and Kathy Grant who pulled up in their very regal palatial mobile estate with all the trimming minus what they left at home. (ie) The satellite TV, so we couldn’t watch the game on Saturday night. Thanks Alan. Just because you can’t stay awake at night doesn’t mean no one else can. By the way Alan we do have the photos to prove it.

Alan is renown for his skills with the Cobb Oven and he didn’t slip up this weekend at all. Unfortunately he wasn’t into sharing with anyone apart from the flavoursome odours that were wafting about his regal residence.

The Turtle tribe (Turtle, Helena, Teresa (inlaw) and Amelia) turns up, with the Camel Beachcomber in tow, looking somewhat swelling I might add and proceeds to greet and setup their digs for the weekend to the scoffing and cheers from the noisy gathered crowd. I do believe I heard comments like… Why do you have tennis balls down your shorts Turtle? Or something like that anyway. I believe Ann has always been an inquisitive sort of a lass, or was that Kathy.

To the surprise of everyone gathered the Mexicans turned up (Barry and Margaret) dragging their Ultimate behind, fully equipped with ponchos, sombreros and silly accents. Just like something out of a B Grade Spaghetti Western. I think there is a bit of a competition between these imports (or impostors, you choose) and our hosts as to who are the more casual at setting up. Barry and Margaret where faithfully gazed upon by their copper coated short haired mutt who did a good job of collecting up all the dead marines around camp and hid them beside their Ultimate. Really made your digs look a little shabby Bazza, I would do something about your habit and get some counselling. And as for scaring the other park users with your naked antics… I mean really… this is meant to be a family affair I thought.

Also thanks to Bazza and Margaret we had an impromptu visit from two of the NSW Bobsled team members. It was a laugh a minute watching Bazza trying to slip in behind Margaret and swing into the corners. Made for an excellent chortle Baz.

Closely following the Mexicans were the ever cool (or is that Neocool) and collected team of Rob and Diane with their newly repaired Campomatic. Setup time … no time at all except for a supposedly inside out shower tent. They also modelled a new design out this season that will have all camper trailer gadget gurus swamping their website to obtain one… it was a Poleless Tarp, an amazing gadget, setup in about 3 minutes and doesn’t require any poles eliminating that ‘in jail’ effect that some tarps leave their owners feeling.

A little later the newbies turned up with their flash new Trak Shak and proceeded to create a massive erection right in front of us all. This was somewhat disconcerting for those among us that are slight of heart and aging disgracefully. Steve, Mel, Jessica and Tallara made a very grandiose entrance into the camper trailer world, created a palace in no time flat with comments like… We have only set it up once in the back yard!!! You wouldn’t believe it would you… of all the silly things that could happen… Mel informs us that it is their 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday, and that she will be ready party hard, around the fire. Well on Saturday night we toasted the happy couple and got on with the serious business at hand. Congrats you two hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed your company.

That brings us to the last to arrive… The Hosts. Enough said about them already.


Highlights of the weekend:

  • The Grant team pass out sitting in their chairs around the fireside.

  • Turtles fall from grace… well fall off his chair, backwards, perform an immaculate reverse roll and spring to his feet and not spill a drop. An outstanding performance that only Roy and HG could have found a problem with.

  • 10 Points for style and effort.

  • The team effort of Grannyshortlegs and Bazza running naked around the camp from shower to camper… Very scary indeed.

  • The NSW Bobsled team demonstration… You had to be there I tell ya.

  • Rob fondling Dianes buns or was that kneeding… That is meant to be done in private Rob… but then you are a RARA bloke after all.

  • Meeting new friends and meeting up with old mates.

  • The fine sense of community shared by everyone.

A special thanks to our hosts John and Penny for an outstanding job in difficult circumstances… the least you could have done was organised the cold weather a little better… I took all the winter woollies I own and it didn’t get cold. I had to walk around all weekend in shorts and tshirt… Bugger.

Thanks for the chortle and memories folks.


thanks to Turtle for the amusing summary of the weekend


photos by John>>>


Cedar Grove Cedar Grove smoko smoko smoko


smoko Steve & Melinda Rob & Dianne Rex & Ann John & Penny


Barry & Margaret Alan & Kathy Turtle & Helena CT keeping the magpies at bay


raining chat chat the Qld mob  
photos by Alan>>>


Steve & Melinda Alan & Kathy Barry & Margaret CT not doing his job
photos by Turtle>>


Rex John & Penny chat time Turtle & Helena Turtle & Helena


Amelia, Jessica & Tallara Turtle & Helena Amelia & Tallara Amelia  



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