Past Events

Chosen Valley weekend

chosen valley weekend
near mt sylvia se qld

on the weekend of Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th May 2014


The “hosts” Gregory J & Angela, arrived on the Thursday, in order to tidy up the camp/shower/toilets and get in the first load of fire wood from the paddocks for the donkey and main camp fire; which was contained in the BBQ/spit pit. More paddock wood was supplied by Paul on the Saturday who trimmed down a fallen tree only feet away from his camp with his “Homelite”. Another load, which was cut from debris in the dry creek bed, by Kevin, with his “Stihl”, complete with gloves, boot covers, ear muffs & hat, was loaded onto Noel's “Rust Bucket” & off-loaded, with the little helpers, at the main camp fire. Ian & Collette, brought a couple of bags from their property at Tenterfield (which was like bringing coal to Newcastle), however a considerate gesture! Noel the self appointed pyromaniac had the fire situation under control from 5am Saturday, thru to, when he Cathi left on the Sunday. This included keeping the fire under the donkey going for the hot shower

Kevin was travelling “solo” this camp & pitched his swag off ground, under the lean-to, off his 4X4....signs of getting old

Mark & Narelle, made this, their, second camp with the group


Rob & Marina, had a “show & tell” with their South African Military camper, demonstrating the ground pegs that did not need a spring to tension the rope


Steven & Melinda, with Jessica & Tallara had their second run, with yet another camper. Jessica with the help of Tallara, managed to run Lindsay into the ground, during a game of soccer which resulted in a turned ankle....poor Robyn was run off her feet, going backs & forwards to the camper to get his beer for him. How-ever Robyn still managed to cook a cake, for Saturday night's supper


Rob & Dianne fronted up “late” Saturday after a long absence from the camper scene, due to getting ready for retirement ????


Noel & Cathi arrived in the dark in the caravan as the camper was still having modifications. Noel complained about having to tow the caravan over a dirt road, which resulted in a dusty caravan! What is he doing in a 4X4 club????


Kev & Denise arrived early Saturday after leaving home at 3am


Bill & Jen were the last one's to arrive, very late, Saturday but still daylight, had time to set up & get to happy hour, around the fire


The “self appointed” dog shooter “BUSHY” called into the camp & introduced himself, complete with a very serious rifle on his lap & informed us that he patrolled once a day, the Black Duck Creek Road & shot any dog that happened to be in the area.....I found him to be a “gentle sole”!!!!!!


Those that saw the couple over the creek, take off in a hurry, may like to know that Hut, gave them 5 minutes to “get off his property” for a reason, best known to Hut......& I think they may have had one minute to spare?? They will NOT be back

Gregory J told the story of a huge snake dropping from the rafters in the old hut at his feet, just missing hitting him on the way down...however did not have photos to substantiate this....but Angela said that she did see the snake from outside the hut, thru the window, before she took off like the proverbial “Bondi Tram”

All the campers at some stage over the weekend had a walk along the track to the cattle yards/crush/dip. This is where the original “homestead” a small log cabin, big enough to sleep in & keep the saddlery under cover, was built. For a considerable time, this hut was kept to a standard, complete with bedding & utensils, where some-one down on their luck, could camp. However, situations change & in this case, the hut has been “let go”....but you can still see how they lived, even to the cooking pit outside at the end of the hut.


Gregory J & Angela