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 alternate heat source for the Cobb






 alternate heat source for the Cobb

Whilst watching the ocean and looking at our Cobb cooker and the Primus portable stove (as one tends to do on holidays at the beach at Kiama) I began to wonder if the griller add-on that we bought for the stove would hold the dome top of the does! So all you people that have a portable stove and a Cobb can now turn the Cobb into a gas unit!! No beads needed at all.

We tried it twice with pre-marinated chicken pieces and we got great results both times. Just keep the temperature as low as you can, use a wind break if needed and within 30 minutes (using perhaps half a throw away bottle of gas) we had a good dinner. The Cobb lid fits perfectly on the rim of the grill plate.

I also found that I can get my heatbeads started without firelighters by placing the Cobb heatbead basket on the Primus stove for 5 minutes or less..... turned on of course.

The windbreak was purchased from one of those pesky "homewares" magazines they drop at your front door.




cobb cooker cobb on stove griller add-on


griller add-on portable stove  windbreak



 thanks to Ed for sharing this idea


february 2009