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The CobBra

An InFront Camping Gear Product

The Cobb

Cobb cookers had 2 models on the market.

1. The Mk II which had a plastic base that was easily broken. In my case it lasted two days on corrugated roads to Innamincka. Its production has since been discontinued.

2. The Premier which has a stronger base made of stainless steel mesh.
Although strong I could see a problem with it right off.


The Problem

The new strong Stainless Steel Mesh base suffers from heat loss. Whether it be from heat escaping through the mesh to atmosphere or cooling breezes passing through the mesh and impacting on the heating chamber. There is no built-in protection from this as there was with the plastic base.

A solution was needed to retain the heat or stop breezes passing through the mesh.


The Solution

A solution to the dissipating heat problem can be purchased from Klaus at In Front Camping Gear.

At first, due to a happy accident, he made a short version of the CobBra. This would fit inside the base between the mesh and chamber but was too short to go around the outside. I used it this way and it was very successful and it has become my favourite way to use it.

Some who saw it indicated that they might be a bit nervous using it this way so, after some discussion with Klaus and some re-measurements, he made one to fit around the outside of the mesh. This was also successful and still could be used inside the base.

I personally prefer it inside because it is unobtrusive and maintains the
original look of the Cobb. There has been no evidence of it being heat-affected so I will continue to use it this way unless that changes.


What is the CobBra?

The CobBra is essentially a strip of heavy canvas with velcro at each end.
It forms a barrier by enclosing the base and locking together with the velcro.


Using the CobBra

Place the base of the Cobb on a flat surface.

For inside the base use:

  • Feed the canvas into the base and stand it up against the inside of the mesh. It will push into place as you press it against the mesh.

  • Fasten the velcro.

  • Place the chamber inside the base ensuring that the chamber doesn't directly contact the canvas.

Outside the base use:

  • Simply wrap the canvas strip around the outside of the base and fasten using the velcro.

  • Assemble and fire up the Cobb as per the instruction manual.

the canvas CobBra


ready to add


putting it in


in position


ready for use


the outside position

Thanks to Wayne Dwyer for this article

 may 2007