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  Coledale Beach weekend

 coledale beach weekend

Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th June, 2012


A lovely sunny day greeted the campers. We arrived early at 10am, only to be temporarily prevented entry to the site on account of road works in progress. A short time later Clive & Sharon, then Russell & Jill arrived.. We set up on the southern grassy area with great views out to sea, the surfers and the fishermen. Later Rob & Carol arrived and by the end of the day a total of 9 campers were set up. At 4.30pm we had our happy hour and after dinner we gathered around a great beach fire.


The day started off overcast and it started to rain mid morning, continuing all day and night. The wind picked up from the south west and the temperature plummeted. A temporary shelter was set up with a tarp over two gazebos. Clive got out his brazier and demonstrated how to light a fire using damp wood in the rain.

During the day the rest of the campers turned up, making a total of 11. Mical & Sonja took over Bob & Lesley’s place. A few members dropped in during the day:-  Ken, Ed/Trish, Phil/Sandra, Dave/Kerrie, Ian/Anne, Rod/Wendy & Ian/Edythe.

We had happy hour again at 4.30pm under the gazebos. Few campers got much sleep on saturday night as the wind blew fiercely all through the night, testing out some annexes.


Campers woke up to another cold and windy day, but the sun made an appearance. A sudden gust of wind sent one of the gazebos air born and unfortunately it scratched a couple of cars before it was contained.

A few of the members departed on Sunday leaving six campers who departed on the Monday. At happy hour, both Clive’s and Kev’s braziers were bought into action with Kev’s fire judged as being the quickest to start, with the help of a 8 fire starters! We all sat around the fires until about 8pm until the cold winds drove us into our warm beds.

Seven camper trailers and four caravans attended the weekend camp over. Most campers were locals and a few travelled from Newcastle. We all agreed that Coledale Beach is a lovely camping spot and we are looking forward to host another weekend meet sometime in the future.


Kev & Carolyn, Clive & Sharon, Russel & Jill, Rob & Carol, Ken & Maree, Gary & Francine, Doug & Diane, Chris & Gary, Mick & Narelle, Tony & Sam, Mical & Sonja.



photos from Kev & Carolyn








photos from Rob & Carol