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  Upper Colo Reserve weekend


Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th March, 2011

Saturday afternoon happy hour


    A little drizzle that turned into prolonged showers didnít dampen the spirits of the CamperTrailers Group members who attended the now third weekend get together that has been held at the Upper Colo Reserve near Richmond, northwest of Sydney, hosted by the groups co-owners Rob & Carol over the weekend of Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th of March 2011.

    Most of the 50 camper trailers had arrived by the Friday evening in anticipation for another fantastic weekend of catching up with old CamperTrailers Group friends & also getting to know and make welcome those attending their first camping weekend with the group. Members had driven from as far afield as Orange, Wollongong & Newcastle for the weekend. You may meet as strangers, but part as old friends such is the camaraderie.

    The phone coverage in very patchy in the valley & Christine Sargent borrowed Ian Hamilton's satphone to call Carol to had ducked into Richmond asking her to by a toothbrush which she has left at home. I had offered her a loan on my Spongebob toothbrush but she declined.

    Saturday saw showers of light rain during the day, but they were more of a nuisance than anything else. While some still headed for a swim in the river to relieve the high humidity more than anything else, others set out to explore the nearby district. Of interest is the local cemetery with headstones dating back to the early 1800's showing the hardships that people in this harsh environment endured. One headstone that really took our attention was that of James Gill who died in 1881. This was found elsewhere in the valley & moved to the cemetery for safe keeping.

    Saturday afternoon saw a large group gather in the middle of camp for a happy hour. This was finally dispersed in quick order by a passing shower.

    Plenty of laughter could be heard around the many campfires throughout the reserve on the Saturday night as most enjoyed the good company & tall stories.


    Someone had a close encounter with a strange beast in the early hours of Sunday morning, so the beast told us. It is said what happens on a CamperTrailers weekend, stays on a CamperTrailers weekend.


    Heavier showers set in Sunday morning with most contemplating a wet packup, while others waited as long as they could before packing, hoping on drier canvas. The luckier ones stayed another night departing with mostly dry canvas before lunch.


Rob & Carol




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