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Upper Colo Reserve weekend


upper colo weekend
near richmond nsw

saturday afternoon happy hour

     Around 50 camper trailers & 150 people attended the Australian CamperTrailers Groups weekend get together at the Upper Colo Reserve northwest of Sydney over the weekend of 20th/21st March 2010, once again hosted by Rob & Carol Sanderson. The group was bathed in the late summer sunshine although the temperature did reach the high thirties on the Sunday before a late southerly change sent the canvas flapping not long after most had gone to bed.


    Members started to arrive on the Thursday afternoon in anticipation of a great weekend to follow. By sunset there were around ten camper trailers set up around the reserve. Some had travelled from Brisbane in the north, Dubbo & Orange in the west & Canberra to the south for the weekend.


    During Friday more members arrived & by late evening the majority of attendees had setup camp for the weekend. It was great to see our old CamperTrailers friends again as well as meeting members who were attending their first weekend with the group.


    Saturday saw the temperature rise & the nearby Colo River gave some relief from the heat. There was an endless stream of people heading for the water. The river is like a sandy beach & well suited for the kids with only a narrow channel waist deep wandering through the valley. Groups of people sat under the shade of the trees chatting & getting to know each other. Some walked around the reserve having a look at the different camper trailers & the ideas some had come up with to make camping life all that easier. As it was a hot weekend there was some interest in the silver insulation coverings on some camper trailer roofs.


    Saturday afternoon saw the first camper trailer walkabout held at a NSW meet. Several members volunteered to give a brief talk on what drew them to their camper trailer pointing out the features & modifications they had done. Of interest was two camper trailers built by neighbours pooling their resources.


    Later in the evening a large happy hour was held. Rob presented two lights donated by Jamie of Dynamic Solar Solutions to Carolyn Davis as a belated prize from last years national meet. Carolyn won the annual 'person who most represents the group award' for sharing her cooking skills & examples. She & Kev had left before the closing ceremony at Nyngan & missed out on the presentation.


    Alan & Mary Anne Randahl gave all attendees a sheet with cryptic clues to towns of NSW on arrival. Alan gave the correct answers during happy hour with Geoff & Barb getting 39 correct from 40. Alan presented them with a bottle of wine.


    Plenty of laughter could be heard around the many campfires throughout the reserve on the Saturday night as most enjoyed the pleasant weather, campfire cooking & good company.


    It was back to work on Monday for some who managed to slowly pack up over Sunday & head for home in hotter weather than the day before. Quite a number stayed on making it a longweekend from the use of flexidays. Those that did lazed the day away in the river or under the nearest shady tree.





Rob & Carol Sanderson Track Trailer Eagle
Jason, Jess (16) & Sherri (13) Cox, Sue Christie-Cox Ace Oodnadatta
Richard & Robyn Graylin, Allen Northwood, Maree Brindley, Narelle Northwood, Michelle Bonner, Andrew (11), Emma (8), James (12) Goldstream Crown
Jaime & Nick  tent
Kim McGrath & Graeme Egan Tvan Murranji
Chris, Carol and Suzanna ( 8 ) Lawler Ace Lite off road
Geoff and Alex Scott Complete Extreme
Alan, Amanda & Davis (9) Chuckwagon
Ed Camp-a-trek
Glen Glend Custom
Mitch & Coral DIY Box
Barbara and Darryl Walker Market Direct Camper
Narelle Stacey, Hudson (14), Hannah (12) Trek Kudu
Bruce & Christine + Aaron (age 4 1/2) Homemade
Barry & Margaret Ultimate
Russell & Vanessa Cub Supamatic
David & Jan Cook Aussie Swag
John & Mary OZ Trail 12
Sandra & Scott Parkin Crypton Predator
Doug & Jenny Peisley Heaveysew
Mal & Ros Currey Clarkes
Geoff ,Jean ,Sarah (15),Lauren Viccars(18) , Kye Szeniak(19) ,Chris Parker(17) Billabong
Wheatley Clan: Richard, Sharon, Patrick(10), Rhiaan(8), Jack(2) Plus Dudley & Hank (dogs) Cape York Trailer
Des, Elizabeth, Sarah (7), Larissa (5), Alicia (2) Non Branded
Ian & Edythe Wilkin Trek Bwana
Geoff & Barb Tvan
Sue & Terry Ford Adventure Pilbara
David, Alison, Shannon (10), Lachlan (5), Rikky (3), Khristyann (7 months) GIC offroad
Tim & Julie Howard Cub Weekender
Alex, Andrea, Thomas (4) & Eli (2) Cole Goldstream Gold Storm
Phil & Sandra Reid Lightweight camper
John & Kitty Koole & Rebecca Southern Cross
Allan, Mary Anne & Joel (5) Wombat Slide-on
Jeff & Debbie Foster Campapak
David & Joy Willkinson Complete Campsite
Mal & Cyan, Billy(14) Kenya( 6) Lacey 3 Dog/ motox/ homemade
David & Lisa Knight, Natasha 10, Sarah 9 Crypton Preditor
George and Wendy Mavros, Geoff and Ann Sutcliffe Jayco
David & Kel Jurd Cub Supermatic
Norm, Chris, Chloe, Mitchell Goldstream
Kevin Phillips tent
Greg & Marge & Natasha & Gabi Goldstream Crown
Mike Sargeant Tvan
Karran & Gary, Ricky (12) & Allie (8) Camprite
Kara, Robert, Sean (9) & Jarrod (6) Delatorre DIY flip-over
Ken & Renee Kimberley
Clive Bennett & Sharon Wonnocott Kimberley
Glen & Sharon Aussie Swag
Kevin & Carolyn Cub-O-Matic