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Con's camper trailer 12volt management



Con's 12volt management

I have built a sophisticated 12volt management system in my new Outback Camper Trailer. Everything is mounted & controlled in a panel  mounted inside the toolbox on the A-frame. I make it sound high tech, but its not.

It has an analogue volt meter which gives me a quick analysis on the condition of my deep cycle battery. A toggle switch is my main switch that gives power to the unit and then controlled by little rocker switches for individual use. I did it this way to try and save the battery in case I forget to switch anything off. With a flick of a switch, I HAVE POWER.

Some photos show how I have done it and the lay out. Please keep it in mind that this is not the only way to do the job, but the way I felt worked well for me considering that I had to much time up my sleeve.

12volt control panel  control panel open  buzzbar & fuse panel
back of control panel 600watt inverter lighting
overview 12volt fluro lights in trailer 12volt outlets

The 100 amp circuit breaker and battery switch has no relevance to the control management system, but it is needed to hard wire the 600 watt inverter in accordance to the manufacturers requirements. I suppose the only mistake I did was that the circuit breaker also acts as a switch which back then I did not know. You learn as you go.

The inverter positive cable runs to the battery switch into the circuit breaker in which is connected to the positive terminal at the battery. The negative from the inverter goes straight to the negative terminal at the battery. Once again, from a turn of a key we have 240volt power from the inverter.

I hope you enjoyed the photos as I have enjoyed putting this together. Many sleepless nights thinking which way works for our family.


from Con Kolovouris

This project only covers 12 volt work including the connection of the inverter.

 240 volt accessories simply plug into the inverter's 240 volt outlet.

None of the above work includes running or connection of 240 volt wiring.

Any 240 volt work must be carried out by a qualified electrician.


September 2008