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weekend of Saturday & Sunday, 19th & 20th of March 2005

After switching venues and dates to try to find the right combination for the first Adelaide get-together, we finally stuck with the 42 Mile Crossing Campground in the Coroong National Park.


Robert and Mike & Sheryl were always certainties for this trip, and together with Cindy & myself we enjoyed a top weekend.


The Victorian invasion arrived Friday afternoon and set up camp on a scarce piece of green grass. This was not a “Pretty Camp-site”, but picked to show off a part of our State that one might normally not visit.


Cindy and I arrived early on Saturday morning after finishing work late the previous night.


After settling in and introducing ourselves to Robert, Mike & Sheryl, we went about nosing in to each other’s campers. We have camped near an Ultimate before, but have never checked out the features. We are well and truly hooked know and understand why they are well regarded.


We decided to go for a beach drive to explore the Coorong region. Mike & Sheryl have completed a 4wd-training course, but this was there first time on beach sand. Robert decided to leave his Fairlane behind J and settled in the back seat of Mike’s Range Rover.


Cindy & I have driven this stretch of beach about 4 times in the last 12 months and know it is fairly safe if driven sensibly. It is always a breath-taking drive along this beach with the added tension of making sure we drove the correct line. Sheryl’s facial expressions and the occasional squeal J on the 2-way gave the impression that she was having an interesting tour. Robert was in his glory using his new handheld 1watt UHF radio. “Rubber ducky, 10 four good buddy, roger, roger over and out, hello, anyone out there?, were all part of Robert’s entertaining learning process of using his new toy. 


I drove behind the soft sandy dunes to check out a campsite area and beckoned Mike on the radio to come through. “ I can’t he replied, we are stuck.” Sheryl once again had that funny expression on her face. After a bit of coaching, straightening the wheels and applying a few more revs, Mike was happily on his way again.


We checked out another camping ground at Tea Tree Crossing which was isolated (4wd access only), very green and plenty of vegetation.


Tea Tree Crossing is a track across the coorong  which can only be driven on normally in late summer when the water dries out. We drove across and continued to the small location of Salt Creek. Here we bought ice creams, re-inflated our tyres and Rob and I replenished our ice supplies.


We headed back to camp via the bitumen as we had some roast meats to cook for the evening meal.


Saturday night we settled under the Ultimate's shelter. Lamb, chicken, roasted veggies & gravies made for a superb combined evening roast. We presented the Victorian guests each with a West End Limited Edition, Port Power AFL Premiership can of beer, so as to remember their South Oz weekend. Mike used his Cobby Cooker  and it was good to see one cooking. With plenty of wine, bubblies & port, the conversations lingered through the night.


After waking up early Sunday morning (6’ish), Mike & I had coffee and talked under the shelter shed away from the others. We hope we didn’t disturb any-ones sleep-in J.  We decided to head down to the beach for a bit of surf fishing, with the only catch being heaps of giant seaweed fish J. There were plenty of overnight fisherman catching the same.


Arriving back to camp, Cindy instinctively knew that there would be no fish for brekkie, so the bacon and eggs were ready.



 We spent sun morning going on a short walk. We explored an historical Chinese water well which was constructed in 1850. The walking trail showed various stages of  how the well’s curved limestone bricks and lid were obtained.


Mid-afternoon, Cindy and I packed up and departed back to Adelaide. Robert, Mike & Sheryl were staying on for an extra night. Mike & Sheryl were enjoying an extended trip, traveling back to Geelong via Adelaide, the Barossa Valley and the Riverland.



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