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Cuddy composting toilet





composting toilet

Michael Hann demonstrated the Cuddy during the Australian CamperTrailers Group 17th national meet. The Cuddy is a no smell, waterless, chemical free composting toilet perfect for use when camping in remote locations. At 414mm high it will fit easily into the box trailer section of a soft floor camper trailer or into the lockers of hybrid camper trailers. 

About three-quarters from a fifteen kg block of coco coir & a little water is added to the rear container to start the composting process. Solids go into the 14.7 litre back container, while liquid go into the 6.5 litre front container which also has a handy level indicator. After use the handle is rotated a couple of times which brings the coir to the top. The fan has a charcoal filter & vents the toilet externally. There is no smell.

With average use the rear compartment needs to be emptied every three weeks & the front container every three days. Because there are no chemicals used, the contents can be empted into a lager composting toilet such as in a national park. The complete composting process can take several months which is then safe to add to your garden.

For more information please contact Michael

article by Rob


november 2023