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Victorian members weekend meet
Dando's Bush Camp

The weekend of Saturday & Sunday, 26th & 27th of February 2005


Friday morning of the Victorian meet brought grey skies and threat of rain – just to tease those attending the Victorian get together at Dando’s Bush Camp, just outside Gellibrand in the Otway Ranges.

Those who were keen began arriving just prior to lunch, with 3 campers already present by the time I delivered the firewood trailer, best idea I have had in a while!

The skies had cleared by then for the start of some of the best Otway’s weather seen in months.

A quick scout of the CT’s set-up by late afternoon soon had us categorized into “Toorak” or “St.Alban’s. With the T-Van and the Ultimate making up the former, while a couple of Dingo’s and a Cub Kamparoo making up the latter.

More were to arrive with the addition of two Trak Shaks on Friday afternoon, both recently purchased, and another T-Van, a soft floor Southern Cross Camper and an Aussie Swag on Saturday.

This brought to 10 the total number of CT’s for the week-end. We were joined by several who decided to tent it for the weekend, making 13 groups in all.

After quick introductions and a look-see through each camper / vehicle, tea was taken over the first of the camp fires for the week-end, with the natural progression of those present to gather around for a drink and a chat. Clear skies, warm weather, good company, the conversations ended around 12.30a.m. with the stragglers, (myself included), deciding if we didn’t call it a night then we would probably keep the whole place awake.

Saturday morning brought a round of “good-mornings” through bleary eyes, some had bacon and eggs going on the camp fire while others were content to sip freshly brewed coffee and discuss the state of the world.

The Patrol owners in the group soon noticed others of the same ilk about, so out with pens / paper / questions. Bonnets were lifted, doors swung open and vehicles checked out from top to bottom. Felt like a kid let loose in a lollie shop. Thanks to the other Patrol owners for being so patient and welcoming, amazing what you can fit into a large 4WD if you try hard enough.

The arrival of the last Patrol was greeted with more excitement than a Mr. Whippy van on a hot summer’s day.

Saturday proved perfect camping weather, skies cleared, mid twenties, autumn leaves falling from the trees, what more could you ask for.  As afternoon turned to night another of the camp fires roared into life, at one stage I counted 20 chairs in a circle around the fire, with three dogs and numerous others the place. This was as successful a week-end as we could have hoped for.

The conversations slowly turned to good-nights as campers made their way to bed, with the last conversation ending around 2.30a.m.

Sunday brought more fine weather, a hearty breakfast, then the task of slowly packing for those leaving on Sunday. Good byes were said, new friendships forged and the promise to arrange another week-end away made.

Some stayed till Monday before making their way home or further afield.

All said, a perfect week-end, perfect company, great times and a few laughs. All from a group who had only met two days prior.



· The weather, not able to find fault with any part of it;

· The camaraderie enjoyed by all those attending;

· The variety of campers / camper trailers on show;

· The new friendships made and the promise to arrange another meet;

· The fact that 13 groups arrived for the week-end;

· Dando’s camp site at its absolute best – aside from the toilets;

· Sheryl’s lockable wine cellar in the Ultimate;

· Dale’s home made camp fire hot plate;

· The huge circle of chairs formed around the camp fire on Saturday night;

·  The Sunday group photo, just how did we fit everyone in?

· Ron’s protection bars for the back of the Patrol;

· Rob’s home made “annex”

· The number of people who said “I’ve got one of Tuco’s lights” – must be a right of passage in the CT group.



· Rob setting up his Cub Kamparoo and portable wine bar, complete with arched windows, (see photo’s);

· Mike and Sheryl explaining the extra canvas attachments for the Ultimate – Mike spending Sunday morning packing up canvas extras for the Ultimate;

· David and Edith packing up the Trak Shak with an interested audience watching– David and Edith unpacking the Trak Shak when they realized the car keys were still inside;

· Rolande getting used to hearing “Thought the directions were good but had trouble finding it” – I PROMISE BETTER DIRECTIONS NEXT TIME! – Rol;

· Grown men acting like little kids with their heads stuck under bonnets of other’s vehicles. Wow, look what he’s got;

· When 20 sets of eyes focused on the two – read TWO - chocolate bananas cooking on the camp fire;

·  18 sets of eyes watching two sheepish people eat chocolate bananas fresh off the hot coals – where’s the recipe Dave?


                                    Rolande and Holly


A big thanks goes to Rolande & Holly for hosting the CamperTrailers Group meet



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