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David's Camper Trailer Bike Rack



bike rack for four

We have a Trak Shak with a boat rack which I have slightly modified. I went for the front fork mount brackets for two main reasons 1- lowers the bike,  2 - better lateral stability.

My first consideration was that the bikes had to be able to stay in place for an over night setup. The second was that it had to be very easy to load & secure the bikes, and obviously unload as well.

I investigated the Rhino & Thule options and found it was going to be way too costly and the accessories in question would still need some additional modifications.

The rack is fully removable and is bolted onto the camper with four high tensile bolts.

I used short webbing tie down straps to secure the rear wheel and two large webbing tie down straps to provide additional lateral support.

Making the rear wheel channels longer than appears necessary is so to allow for any size bike, big or small.

The biggest obstacle now is securing the front wheels while traveling, currently I use ocky straps to secure them to the mesh in the rack, but we have plans to replace the mesh with solar panels in the future.


Thanks to David McCarthy for sharing this idea with us