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Borumba Deer Park Weekend Camp


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Borumba Deer Park Weekend

held on the weekend of Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd of September 2006

    The first time away with the group and it starts with the daunting drive through all the other earlier arrivals already set up and enjoying a few ales. Rob, our host, directs us to a pleasant spot right on Yabby Creek just below the Taj Mahal of CTs – later we find out this belongs to Inspector Gadgets brother Rex and Ann. The basics of shelter and food taken care of it is off to the fire to meet some new faces and enjoy a few drinks. This proved to be a fairly tame affair (or so it seemed compared to previous reports) and was probably so due to a few new faces in the firelight. Rob outlined the next days activities to some of us uninitiated and must have wanted everyone to get a good nights sleep – the heavens opened up shortly after 11:00pm and saw those left scurrying away to shelter.

    The next day dawns bright and sunny – well for those without bloodshot eyes……..

    This sees a few late arrivals and an impressive entrance by Andrew and Luanne with their new CampRite CT which briefly managed to turn attention away from David’s workshop on Satellite TV.  John and Penny were clocked by us newer brethren – and yes within 10 minutes were set up with John beer in hand. Alan the COBB did not let anyone down and gave an impromptu demonstration  - after all BAMBI had to be cooked and those basting smells wafted over much of the camp. Later most went up to the SHED for happy hour with a few guardians left at the fire.

     After a short break for tea most gathered around the fire and the topics of discussion included wines, trips, CTs and caravans. There seemed to be someone missing – out of the darkness these two lights approached and shortly after Rex and Ann appeared (was that more gadgets under his arm?). Shortly after this someone complained that the light in Don and Sandra’s CT was a little bright and could it be turned off. Someone standing offered to do this but Don produced a draw that would have made any gunslinger proud and the remote control flashed once and we again enjoyed the firelight. After the previous night we kept glancing to the skies but saw mostly stars – the night was still young. Rob and Dianne again must have wanted everyone to have a safe trip home for about 9:30pm a few spots of rain were felt. Perhaps we should retire and lucky we did – no sooner were we inside than it came down steady for 10 mins and then eased off to showers.

    Sunday proves to also be a fine start. Carol and I were breakfasting just after 6:00am and were informed by a passerby that there was a platypus feeding in the creek just near us. Off we go to take a look and maybe get a picture or two. We approach carefully not wanting to startle the creature, observe it feeding near the far bank, maneuver into position to get a good picture, steadily raise the camera, focus, slowly start to depress the shutter release and BANG!!! Some bastard just started splitting firewood to stoke the fire. This latter proves to be Alan the COBB but from a few yells from those still attempting to sleep he might become Alan the Alien for a short time.

    A quiet morning with some idle chatter and I think we were the first to leave but a few stalwarts were staying on.


          * Meeting new faces – and remembering most names

          * The look on Inspector Gadget Rex’s face when Don produced the remote control for his light – priceless

          * The valuable advice

          * The smells of BAMBI basting away

          * Alan and his blocksplitter sounding Reveille to the camp

          * The exercise up the stairs to the toilet block – and how no one came a cropper – or did they?

          * The curfew (rain) – perhaps the next meet can be up on the Darling Downs and bring some there.

     Thanks to the hosts Rob and Dianne (especially for the stubby coolers) for the effort organizing this meet. It introduced us to some wonderful people and has opened the doors to a wealth of knowledge.

    I look forward to Copeton Dam and also the next Queensland meet – what new gadgets will eventuate?

thanks to Rick & Carol Harper for the writeup



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