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DIY Awning

      Here is a simple DIY idea from Brian & Christine for making a portable sun shade off the side of their 4wd.



Recipe for a simple DIY vehicle awning.


  • 1 x roof rack

  • 2 x green fibreglass garden stakes

  • 1 x 6'x8' silver tarp

  • 2 x telescopic lightweight tent poles

  • 2 x guy ropes

  • 1 x 90mm or 100mm PVC pipe

  • 1 x PVC cap for front end (glued) 1 x screw cap for rear  

  • 2-3  straps to tie pipe to roof rack

  • springy cord (ex cargo net or similar)



  • Lay the tarp flat and tie the garden stakes across the 6' ends using the eyelets. 
  •  One end attaches around the PVC pipe with 3 bits of springy cord through the eyelets.
  • At the other end, put the 2 tent poles through the outside eyelets and attach guys ropes which are angled out 45 degrees.
  •  Adjust pole height and guy tension and there you have it.


Total cost?  about $40 if you use your camper poles and guys.

When finished, simply roll the poles up in the tarp and slide the bundle back into the PVC pipe.  The 100mm PVC pipe will hold a fishing rod as well as the awning.

Happy camping.
Brian & Christine.



thanks to Brian & Christine for sharing this idea with us