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DIY esky cover




diy thermal
esky cover

On our recent day trips we have been space poor in the car, so we have been using the small esky to carry perishables, instead of the portable fridge. At the end of the day travelling from an ambient 18 degrees into 35 degrees celcius, produced a less cool esky. For a while I have been toying with the idea of filling the esky wall cavity with expandable foam to help with insulation, but that means drilling holes for the air to escape as the foam is pumped in. So looked in the shed to see what I can use to cover the smaller esky.

The broccoli box lids have been sitting waiting for a tip run with foam boxes used to plant vegies. I cut the foam to size and then taped the lids into a crude box, then firmed up by covering with the silver bubble insulation product I had from another project. I did not trim to size just wrapped the excess around for added insulation.

I think the thermal quality will be quite good. I didn't bother with a base layer as the back of the car has insulated flooring and if sitting on the ground - well it's insulated too.

view inside showing foam box lids Crude but effective esky cover

what I used

broccoli foam lid covers
stanley knife
gaffer tape
insulating bubble sheet
one hour

thanks to Tanya Barnett for sharing this idea


december 2013