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soundproof generator box




soundproof generator box

front tool box conversion



   Noise from generators when camping to recharge 12 volt batteries can be a problem. Alan has converted a section of the toolbox on the front of his camper trailer into a soundproof box for his MGC generator.



   The generator box is lined with sound proofing ($60) while 75mm galvanized pipe ($10 on special at Bunnings) provides the necessary exhaust for the generators petrol motor fumes & also air intake boosted by a 12 volt blower, depicted as the square box in the photos.



   The 12 volt blower provides cooling air & also pressurises the box. The air then exits down the exhaust tube where the already silenced exhaust fumes are ejected. The exhaust is further silenced inside this 900mm long pipe.

   It all works pretty quiet now & as I say "purrs like a kitten"..... well maybe just a little bit louder.

soundproof box


lid off


blower on intake


generator in box



Thanks to Alan Spencer for supplying the information for this article

 may 2007