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geoff's 12volt shower





geoff's diy
bush shower 

I needed a shower for the camping trailer and was lucky to have three of the main components for the shower with the caravan water tank, on/off switch and the shower rose. I went to the garden hose shop and spent around $37 on bits including the 60 PSI five litre a minute 12volt water pump from Ebay delivered to my door free for $18. Most normal household showers use nine litres a minute.


The inlet hose with used garden fittings to fill the water tank. The clip on bit is to stop stuff entering the line.

The tank is mounted on the mesh cage on top of the trailer.

A little over kill, but the switch was in the shed.

12volt water pump from Ebay.


 The shower rose in position.


Thanks to Geoff for sharing this idea.



february 2015