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Glendon Weekend

SE Qld members meet near Warwick

held on the weekend of Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd April 2007


    Carol and I decided to get away early from home on Friday to arrive at Glendon before most of the others – Carol had heard that a few were arriving around lunch. The road in (especially the last kilometre of bulldust) had deteriorated since we checked it out in February – only 9mm of rain at Easter had fallen.

    To our surprise we were first there and were shown the area set aside for the group. Peter, Helen and Jake arrived soon after - although we were not really sure at first as Peter and Helen’s red trailer was a light shade of grey when it arrived. They were accompanied by their friend Bev in her campervan.

    The next dusty arrival was newcomers to the group Rod, Rachel and Eliza who quickly selected a site and got stuck into setting up. Shortly after this Gus, Clancy and Jayden (+Bree) arrived – Jill having decided to come early the next morning as she did not think she could get there before the 8.00pm curfew. Whilst watching the blokes set up though it was decided Jill’s reason was to avoid the dust and setting up.

    This was it for the daylight arrivals that day. Noel and Cathi arrived around dusk – Noel having left Rockhampton earlier in the day, stopping off at home to change trailers, pick up the cheese ‘n kisses - hit the road again. Soon after Rob and Dianne arrived. They proceeded to tuck themselves away the furtherest from the fire – did they know something we didn’t.

    After the usual necessities of food we all gathered around the fire and awaited the last arrivals for the night – John and Penny. To our surprise they arrived at 7.28pm – two minutes to spare before the official curfew (not the extra half hour I had bargained for with the owners to give them some leeway). Having feasted on a flying Red Rooster meal from Warwick all they had to do was set up and they quickly joined us at the fire.

    With discussion ranging from the drought - the dusty road in – to Noel’s Rockhampton Expo – the hours soon passed. It cooled off rather quickly and some felt the need to jockey for best position near the fire. Highlight here was Noel secured best place and told us he was going to peg his chair in for the next night. He wouldn’t leave the fire until we all did just to make sure – much to Cathi’s dismay. It was also rumoured Rob did his promised nudi run in the aid of making it rain but I’m not too sure.

    Next morning was spent loafing around awaiting the rest of the group. Robyn and Lindsay first for the day followed shortly after by Jill. Robyn provided some early worry when a loud bang/explosion rang out from their CT. After some hurried checking it proved to be the gas hose for their stove – it appears the internal braid may have broken near one end – the hose filling with gas between the braid and outer rubber until – bang!

    Next in came some other newcomers - the rock and rollers - Margaret, Julianne & Lee.  When they had finally set up a comment was passed as to how they got all that in the RAV4 – perhaps they had been talking with Rex (Mr Gadget)?

    Morning tea was delayed due to some late (very late) cooking but it eventually started. It must have been a good spread because it attracted all the birds in the area and not a crumb was wasted. Shame those Skinner boys didn’t like the pickled herring – hey Peter – the Kookaburras got the last laugh there. How was that milkshake you had to down through the sipper straw? Did those Blueberry muffins ever get cooked? Turtle and family arrived during mornos for their daytrip - this provided some entertainment for the women – babies! So many redheads amongst them too! Soon we all drifted away for lunch and siestas. Poor John missed out though – no granny nap for him – someone had a problem and John was called upon to assist.

    Here newcomers Andrew, Fiona, Bronte and baby arrived – followed shortly by Steve and James. Unfortunately the sites left were not the best but they made do. Steve and James took a little longer than usual – James had one hand out of action which delayed proceedings somewhat. Bronte in the mean time was out exploring and soon looked the part with dust all over.

    A few trips were made onto the property to inspect the lake, old gold mine and 4x4 tracks. Much of the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and preparing tea. Here is where those unprogrammed workshops begin. First was Jill and her leg of lamb – its preparation, spices and eventual laying to rest in the COBB. Next was John and Cathi and their lap dancing – sorry make that laptop dancing. A few charging problems on the laptop hopefully remedied and on with the lessons on plotting tracks and waypoints for the GPS.

    Happy hour started and Noel was delegated as chief fire starter. This honour befell him as he had hounded Robyn about making the camp oven cake that was not forthcoming at Andrew Drynan. The big decision was what type of cake – after all there was a choice of two flavours. Put it to a vote which was about equal so it was decided to make both. But what about another camp oven – Skinner clan to the rescue. So the fire was started and all gathered round swapping a few yarns.

    Time for tea so most drifted away and left Lindsay to make sure there was enough coals for the camp ovens. Now occurred a very impromptu starlight dinner for some. Helen and Carol had been preparing dinner for the two families – hoping to also get a few others to join in – thus having a bit of a mixed bag of dishes to choose from. Unfortunately timing of the meals did not coincide (others had a while to go – Gus had better find some smaller legs on sheep) so here we were sitting down to two roasts and a mountain of vegetables. Jake said he couldn’t be expected to eat all this so it was decided to ask a few others to join us. Perhaps next time some better planning will see it come off as a meal for everyone. Hunger satisfied it was back to the fire where Lindsay had a good bed of coals happening.

    As the stragglers started rolling in talk turned to the cakes – and was that Noel drooling? After watching, waiting, watching, waiting it was decided by chief chef Robyn that one was ready.  It did not take long for it to disappear – but Noel where was the butter – a little late now. Patiently the vultures waited for the next feast and finally it was ready. It, too, did not last long and soon there was naught but empty plates and camp ovens. Time flew and Noel crept closer to the fire as some retired for the night. Where did Noel and Cathi go?? Had they slunk away to bed evidenced by their empty chairs? John retired too – outlasted by a baby Eliza and Jake (90 years young) – better get the afternoon granny nap next time. A long day of good company came to an end.

    Most were up fairly early on Sunday and a lot of visiting between CTs went on. Some of the newcomers were experienced campers and had a lot to share in knowledge of trips and vehicle setups. A bit more lap dancing and Cathi was well on her way with preparations for their trip to the Kimberleys later in the year – no excuse to get lost now. A little packing up here and there by some to ensure we were out by midday and all of a sudden time to go. Staggered departures was the order of the day so the dust could settle between CTs. Did the Skinners get out – I think they were last to leave. We didn’t leave last - although the Skinner boys said we had to wait to last as we had hosted.

    A great weekend! Thanks to all those that attended – hopefully we will see more of the new comers – I was impressed at how well those with young children managed to find time to participate and also find time to do the parental chores. Hope us older grumps haven’t dampened their enthusiasm.

    Pity we couldn’t have got some much needed rain – most of the other weekends with the group have produced some.

    Perhaps it was good preparation for Copeton – my parents were there a week ago and it is dry and the dam down to around 10%.     Next meet by Helen and Peter (you’re not getting out of it) was planned for June but unfortunately had to be postponed to August.

    So who is stepping forward for June- ish??? Remember the Caravan and Camping Show is on the June long weekend which may affect who can attend – I believe some members are involved/going to this.

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