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this award is for the funniest or most embarrassing moment when camping


& the winner is......

Lloyd with this ripper


   Pam and I arrived at a caravan park and were put in our site at the same time as a caravan was being put in the adjacent site.

   We have a side loading camper trailer (cavalier off road deluxe) and I always try and set the camper up faster than the caravan man can manoeuvre his van around his site, drop his jacks, level his van, connect up his water and drainage pipes etc etc etc.

   If I manage to beat the caravan man I always put a chair outside my tent and sit down and have a beer and watch the caravan man doing his final adjustments just to give him the irrits. if I don't beat him well of course I manage to spend all my time out of site on the other side of my tent.

   On this particular occasion it was a close run thing and I just managed to get my beer open and sit down very nonchalantly ( as you do) and watch him finish setting up him van. Without acknowledging anything we both knew that we had been in a race and that I had won!

   After finishing my beer I decided to move the car so that it would be in the shade. unfortunately in my haste to beat the caravan man I had forgotten to disconnect the camper from the car.

   Pam was in the tent at the time and to say the "earth moved for her" would be a bit of an understatement.

   Unfortunately the caravan man witnessed the whole thing and sat down with a beer and watched me (and my very red face) reset the camper..........