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this award is for the funniest or most embarrassing moment when camping




& the winner is......

Robyn with this ripper



    The scene - camping behind dunes near Eli Creek Fraser Island with relatives first time on Fraser Island. Set up of Camper Trailer- ours with all the gear we normally have our shower, toilet etc plus 2 tents one with sister and brother in law and 2 nieces 11 year old twins and 1 nephew 23 year old.

    We had been camping for approx 1 week well behind a high dune because of 30knot winds forecast for the week. Our shower surround which we used to keep the toilet bucket in during the day was getting old and with the high winds starting to deteriate we decided to put down at night so that we would have a usable shower cover when needed.

    Breakfast time all sitting down to a lovely cooked breakfast and me dressed in one piece togs needs to go to the toilet so with instructions to everyone that they were to stay put where they were behind the side of the camper annex, I went about the business that was needed but of course toilet out in the open. Females with one piece togs would know what I mean having to virtually stip down to nothing. As we were camped for nearly a week with no one going on track we were camped on did not even think about toilet out in the open with own party being told to stay put.

    Next minute hear a car coming along the beach then thinking to myself the car did not sound that it was on the beach side of the dune and end up looking straight in the car of very surprised men on the track in front of me. Don't know who was laughing so much , was it me or my family or the poor unsuspecting party in the ute. Certainly was a camping trip to remember.